A round of applause for NXNE ...

After CMW and other such crap festivities I wasn't quite sure what to expect to NXNE.
And you know what, it was actually WAYYYY better than I ever thought it would be.
From the ticket buying/pass getting to the line up to the line upsss it was really well put together.
Not only did I have to wait maybe 5 minutes tops to get into all the shows combined over 5 days, but when you got into the show you more than likely would get to see all the artists just hanging out around you, enjoying the music among their fans.
Even Yonge & Dundas Square was the least amount of shit show you'd have expected. Even if you didn't get anywhere near the stage whatsoever and had to take pictures of the screens for the sake of being there. (yup, I'm one of those losers)
Not once was I told that despite having a media pass I would have to pay to get into a venue because they had a pass limit (see cmw, f you) annnd the fucking pass had my name on it. Huzzah!
Everybody seemed happy about it, and it helped that there was so much else happening here in Toronto like the College street festival, nice weather, (I'm NOT referring to the MMVA's) which brought out so many more artists into small pubs or parks who weren't included in the actual NXNE shows -- and probably some who were!
The special guests they kept secret until the show was happening were all ones to be excited about, and once again there were really fucking siqqq bands playing this year. I mean, the best live band in the world - A Wilhelm Scream - played. And Dave Hause of The Loved Ones. And The Descendents, Hot Water Music, Careers in Science.. can you say PUNK?!? Finally.
It was a taste of how wicked it would be to get down to SXSW someday...

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