Why Do Reviews When Reviews Should Do You!

right up the butt.

Seriously though, I've had such a hard time lately writing reviews of albums I don't give 2 shits about and didn't seek out myself, I have about 7 I should be working on right now but instead I want to write about Portugal. The Man, a band I've loved for years and still can't stop listening to right now.

Talk about sidetracked - me being.

They are just so fucking good.
Especially their album Censored Colors which may not be a all new but after years still has me shitting my pants over how amazing it is.
Like this song...

Gives me chills every time, shivers right up my legs, through my vagina and across my chest, escaping only through my slow rip-off jazz hands I can't help but bust out at the end.


Satanic Satanist is another phenomenal older album that is stealing all my attention away from new reviewable shit right now, especially this track..


This band is the bacon of music.
Most delicious food out there.

I'm Sarah. I love bacon.