"A kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt."

Beards beards beards!
Who doesn't like beards!?
I love them!
What's better than one beard?
A Band of Beards.
Awesome name. Awesome band.
Their album is called Fuerteventura and their music is this surfabilly pubescent punk rock filled with hairy bass lines, flocculent guitar solo's, and villous drum beats. Whatever that means.
They don't stop at just plain old bearded punk rock though, on top of that shaggy surfabilly they have this underlying bushy indie rock sound to them which totally reminds me of Bear Vs Shark, the vocals especially. But that's not all! In one song even throw in some fluffy ska chords... my favourite!
Their 8 track album is dingle berry-less (meaning it's got no shit attached to it's ass beard) and I strongly encourage you to pull the hair out of your ears and give it a good listen. If you like beards, that is. (not the gay kind ;))(on second thought, gay kind included).


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Bottle Rocket... in West Philadelphia, born and raised!

WOW, for a band who just formed in the spring this year they sure spit out this 6 song debut EP quick!
They are Bottle Rocket and I'd describe them as mellow, gloomy, 90's flashback drab rock.
Drab in a mood sense, not as in how I think of them. Overall the music is awesome, far from drab.
From the dreary vocals to the sombre but spectacular drums and the sensitive strumming of each note, these 6 songs are put together incredibly well, grabbing the listener by the hand and leading him/her/it through a forest built from tears of the 90's.
Don't let the down-words bring you downwards, none of them are meant negatively towards how I feel about the band. To be honest I love it. And you should listen to it:

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Solids.... are solid.

Oh Herro Der.
Do you like Dinosaur Jr?
If you answered "yes", "maybe", "sort of" or even "never heard of them" then you should check out The Solids, a 90's rock meets 2011 indie band fresh from the oven with their debut 5 song EP titled Generic Dogs.
It's one SOLID (hehehehehehehe SEE WHAT I DID THURR) first EP, although it starts off fairly slowly before the vocals kick in and grab you in the crotch, holding tight enough that you can't get away but not tight enough to avoid getting hard.
The EP is short but sweet and unfortunately it went by too fast.
Luckily they're playing at The Bovine in Toronto on July 30th with Animal Faces and Early Transcendentals.


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Musikanto.... more like MusiKANO!

When I think of Chicago I think of blues, harmonica driven, jazz, indie rock festivals and Pitchfork.
When I listen to Musikanto it's pretty easy to assume he's from said city.
Spanning across those famous Chicago sounds and much more including lots of yummy folk, alt-country and some chamber music breakdowns this man gives you everything you need in one album.
It's music that makes me want to set out across foreign lands on foot with just a backpack and the sun at my back.
It's got some of the best travelin' twang that I've heard as of late, and those softer roots'y songs tend to remind me of bands like The Dustin Bentall Outfit or The Deep Dark Woods, and in some songs when the piano hits he totally sounds like something Bend Sinister related.
It's brilliant!
It satisfies many musical hungers and please my ADD ears all at once, kind of like eating a McDonalds value menu burger that pleases both your stomach and your wallet. (sorry, McDonalds on the brain)
I'm sitting here trying to choose a favourite song and it's near impossible... "My Heart Won't Bleed Anymore" (EMO), "Every Which Way", "False Wind", and the one below are all in contention... along with every other track. SIGH. It's almost like choosing a favourite child, which might sound creepy since this is my first listen and I'm already that close to it that I'm dropping the 'c' bomb. CREEPER!
N E WAY, enjoy this video!


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Puff the Magic Dragon lived in Honah Lee!

I hope that's where Honah Lee's name came from.
Because that's awesome.
I <3 Puff the Magic Dragon.
I don't really know what I was expecting from this band based on the name, sound-wise that is, but what came out of my speakers was far from it!
And in the right direction, that's for sure.
I guess I should have read their bio on facebook first, because it would have given me a better idea than the Puff song:
Honah Lee is a straight foward, high energy Rock n' Roll band from Trenton, NJ. Influenced by bands like the Ramones, the Replacements, and the Pixies, Honah Lee delivers a refreshing, throwback sound that you can't quite put your finger on; simple music done right! Intoxicating melodies you can't shake from your brain!!!
That part about the throwback sound that you can't put your finger on is totally true, and probably the reason I'm cheating by putting their bio in my review ;) .
Oh, and the part about intoxicating melodies you can't shake from the brain, that's also entirely true.
I smell a new Band of the Week for next week... HOLLA.
And a new Band of My Heart.... tee hee.
Na na na na na na na na na na.
Whoever Bobby is, they're dead, as the singers are politely informing me in the song rightfully titled "Bobby's Dead".
Sorry, said song is hella badass and totally distracted me from what I was saying there / totally gave me a reason to na'ner on because I had nothing to say.
oh, here's something!
This album - titled Life Won't Let Me bounces between guitar-full rock n roll to almost NOFX like hyper punk rock, and even losing itself to more crunchy 90's style rock... almost as much as it switches from emotional-driven lyrics to talking about Bobby being dead in that teasing chorus.
And magically (where's Puff?) I LOVE EVERY ITTY BIT OF IT.
And what's this I hear.... strings? Softy, but about 80% surely... at the end of "Come On, Let's Go". Wowza!
String-boner, ignite!
Ha, these guys even manage to rebel against responsibility way better than MxPx ever did in their next song, "Life Won't Wait", a much better pop punk song on the subject.
From first to last, especially the last, this album is one solid piece of gold shit. Shit used there as a slang term not literal, or in the sense that it's crap.

I could see Puff The Magic Dragon living here!


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#twitternetworkingrules! Thanks to a tweet from this band to review their album I have found new #awesomepunkrockmusic to add to my continuous playlist of #sicktracksbrah. The band is Stuck Out Here and their new album is titled Last Night, This Morning which is a #prettycoolnameforanalbum (haha that says anal). They're a pretty fucking cool sounding band too. As far as I can tell from their #facebook they just played with Junior Battles... meaning I like them immediately.
The vocals are uniquely soothing to my punk loving ears, and the harmonized shouting is probably my favourite thing to hear right now. They're #totallypartypoppunk, a band I would love to get drunk to (but hey, what don't I get drunk to).

Sorry for the shortness, but it's nice outside and now I want a drink!

Download their album here! Make sure to donate something.. they deserve it!

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Ambisonic / Low Level Flight / Bear Hands

I'm dead lazy, so I'm just posting my notes from Tuesday's FREE music night at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

- Totally not my thing usually but I smoked a bit'o'weed and loved it
- Great beats, great guitar work, live drum driven ambient / indian style rock
- Couldn't really see the screens but I'm easily distracted so that's good
- 2 guys make the stage sound so full - 3 guys? I see another head! Definitely 3
- If only I were on shrooms.. Or ecstasy
- No vocals? No problem!
- Drums make me wanna move, so good
- Big crowd for so early!!
- Love when the real guitar is in songs
- Wailed on the drums at the end of set, amazing.


Low Level Flight
- My mom would be jealous right now, she loves Ryan Malcolm
- Not a big fan of him as front man, too over the top and trying for the music,
really wants to be singled out as a good singer still instead of actually being
part of the band and music, seems pretty cocky and doesn't fit
- Musically they were better than I ever imagined
- Bassist should be the front man, looks like he wants to be
- Love the rest of band aside from ex Can Idol


Bear Hands
- So fucking good
- Danceable in all the right ways
- Super fun indie rock
- Dual drumming at times but with shakers
- Hadn't heard of them prior but they blew me away
- Dedicated song to Dinosaur Bones who were rocking out front of stage
- quote: "this is a secret show, were actually phish" = funneh.


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The Noble Rogues - Kin

For those of you who attended my Rock Against Rob Ford show in Toronto before the election you will probably remember The Noble Rogues, a gnarly rock and roll band with some serious bluesy attitudez.
Even if you weren't in attendance that night PAY ATTENTION because they're about to release a full length called Kin, coming out in Montreal on July 16th and here in Toronto on July 23rd, and trust me when I say you don't want to miss it.
Because I'm better than you - and because of this blog I guess - I have the pleasure of hearing it now and from what I've heard so far it's the type of album fit to make a grown man crap his pants out of pure excitement.
Within the first minute of the first song you experience what's only the beginning of the rippin' guitar featured throughout the album, and when the chorus hits you'll find yourself singing along immediately, it's simple yet catchy and irresistible to your vocal chords.
So goes every song thereafter, without slowing down nor letting down the listener, these guys have the ability to deliver great rock song after great rock song that will have you shaking your head in order to remind yourself that you're listening to a new album, not something that came out back when rawk N rawl was the real deal.
The Noble Rogues ARE the real deal.
Just listen to that riff in the beginning of "Incandescent".. it's the sound of an ecstatic biker, can you picture it?

What's even more impressive is when you clue in to the actual lyrics and realize that they're a lot smarter than you'd usually expect from this style of music, demanding instant respect from a writing perspective.
And it's impossible not to love the uniqueness to each singers voice, one of which can belt it out Zeppelin-stylez out of nowhere, which is amazing.
This is one of the most solid rock and roll albums I have heard come out of this generation, and I guarantee anyone who grew up with Q107 or their parents records will thoroughly appreciate it as well.
Make sure to come out to the album release party either here in Toronto or in Montreal! Click the links to see the event info.

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Junior Battles...Better than ever.

I really didn't think that I could love Junior Battles any more than I already did.
They just went from one of my favourite local bands to my favourite band.PERIOD.
This with the release of Idle Ages which came out near the end of June.
It's insanely good.
It's gush-worthy in more ways than one... like from my mouth and from my vag. Gross?
I'm actually rendered speechless when it comes to describing just how insanely good it is.
Did I mention that they are now my favourite band .period.?
This album goes above and beyond anything I've heard out of Toronto,
It's unbelievable.
It's equivalent to a virgin-tight pussy but with years of experience.
The harmonies... the vocals... the lyrics... the surprise appearance of both horns and keys... the signature Junior Battles style and sound... the drums... oh the drums... *gushes*
I'm practically dry humping my speakers right now listening to this orgy of punk rock greatness.
If you're looking to get off LISTEN (AND PURCHASE) THE ALBUM HERE!

It's the tits.

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Kim Wempe's Painting With Tides

Holy gorgeous East Coast folk music, Kim Wempe!
Her new album Painting With Tides is just spectacular.
She's got this great unique voice that makes the hair on every part of my body stand up when I hear it, and at certain times I swear she makes my heart skip a beat.
The music itself takes a backseat to the vocals in the most beautiful way possible, only really coming to life when she's not singing away, creating such a great balance between song and singer.
The beat of the drums is often capable of leaving me breathless throughout the album, and the strings are consistently chilling to hear.
It's one of those albums that just makes me really really happy, leaving me with a smile from ear to ear.
Especially considering all the great collaborations featured on it (Joel Plaskett, Old Man Luedecke, Thom Swift and Geoff Hillhorst of Deep Dark Woods) it's an exceptional piece of work and something that I won't soon be forgetting.


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Poison Control Center - Stranger Ballet

I think I'm getting soft.
Too many positive reviews lately.
No fun!
I wish I could hate this band just so I'd have somebody to make fun of, but they're absolutely impossible to hate.
Poison Control Center have a new album out titled Stranger Ballet and it's the perfect sunny day indie rock album with some additional theatrics to get lost in this summer.

Simply structured but with anything-but-simple instrumentation, especially those drums which are great. They remind me of the good old days in rock n roll music back in the 60's or 70's or some era that I was not privy to, dammit. No need to harp on that now though, I am privy to PCC in my lifetime and that makes up for it quite a bit actually. With their 'wowowowowowowowow's they sound like the Beach Boys are making a comeback, and I F'ing love it. Then comes the ripping guitar which is a total beach babe magnet lemmetellyou.
The album just gets better and better and better as you get through it, and my mental-hard on gets harder and harder with it.
The track "Seagull" just made my mind boner explode the first time I heard it, it's fucking awesome. Just like the rest of the album, seriously seriously fucking awesome.
I smell a new favourite band... it smells like jizz.


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I Just Can't Wait To Be King! (from the Louie King, get it, instead of Lion King...uhhh)

Please excuse the inevitable shortness of this review and each one to follow today, I have a ton on my plate and no motivation on this sunny Friday afternoon.
Thankfully I have discovered some really great new music to help pass the time, and the past 30 minutes has gone by in a flash of pop punk awesomeness.
For those of you who are familiar with King Louie - the man behind the Exploding Hearts songwriting and the one responsible for influencing Black Lips' magnificent sound - HE'S BACK with a band called Missing Monuments and a new album called Painted White.
I love love love Exploding Hearts and my feelings for Black Lips has been more than obvious throughout this blog, so it's definitely no surprise that I am now fully obsessed with this new King Louie album.
It's pop punk with a twist of rockNsurf, exactly what the doctor ordered for these hot summer days. And I can't get enough of it.
The song "Nite Fall" in particular has become my Friday anthem.
I can still hear so many of my favourite bands in King Louie's sound, showing just how influential he has been and WILL BE to many many other musicians that I love.
All hail the king!


I'm Sarah, I do what I want.

Teddy Thompson does Leonard Cohen, but years ago.

I just rediscovered this song today, I haven't listened to this album (I'm Your Man soundtrack) in far too long, but it's fucking awesome. and this song just killlllls it. in a good way, like a 'killing justin bieber and all pop acts like him' kind of way.

I'm Sarah. But chyall knew that.

He Is We @ El Mocambo

I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to see He Is We at the El Mocambo in Toronto last night.
I am fairly certain I had them mixed up with another girl/boy folk duo, one much much less pre-teen pop, and one that isn't uttered in the same sentence as 'Justin Bieber' by fans, EVER.

Unfortunately (for me) my error led me into the depths of young Bieber/T Swift/Disney loving hell, and it was packed wall to wall with a crowd that I normally avoid at all costs.
As much as I want to bash the show I've decided to look at it from the eyes of my 12 year old self. Except my 12 year old self had wayyyyy better taste (punk raawwwwkkk mofo's) but whatever.
Each kid seemed to be peeing their pants over He Is We's performance. And I have to admit, the vocals were quite beautiful, and aside from the superpop structure the songs were quite well written. My real problem came with trying to distinguish which was the girl and which was the boy on stage... bahahahahaha. ew.
That said, it was far from my scene and if I go on about this band I would probably lose whatever credibility I have left, and trust me I have very little.
Judging by the feedback from facebook and twitter though it was a huuge success for real He Is We fans, and that's what counts.

And for those of you who care you can download a free mp3 of the "I Wouldn't Mind" remix RIGHT HERE.

All you pre-teens who weren't there last night should probably 1)stop reading my blog and b)go see them at one of their remaining headlining tour dates:

July 6 - New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall
July 7 - Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
July 8 - Teaneck, NJ @ Mexicali Live
July 9 - West Chester, PA @ The Note
July 10 - Vienna, VA @ Jammin' Java
July 12 - Nashville, TN @ 12th & Porter
July 13 - Fayetteville, AR @ George's Majestic Lounge
July 28 - Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues *
July 29 - Austin, TX @ Stubb's *
July 30 - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live *
August 1 - Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater *
August 2 - San Diego, CA @ Epicenter *
August 3 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction *
August 4 - Upland, CA @ The Wire *

^ w/ Ocean Grove and Andrew Allen
* w/ Ocean Grove and More Amore

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

3 D's: Drink! Dance! Destroy!

I have to start this off by saying that I am extremely picky when it comes to female vocals, as you probably know if you've read certain reviews of mine, and when it comes to punk rock it's very rare that I get into bitches singing.
In the case of Teenage X I started off thinking that her voice was 'just alright' but I would like the music more if it were a boy singing...
Does that make me racist?
errr I mean sexist?
By the 3rd track, "Boom", I started wavering, and by the end of the album I was gung-ho on the vagina-vox!
Her voice really works with the music they play, and she spits out those lyrics in a way only a woman could.
In other words: SEXISM IS OVERRR!
Gurrrrrrrl, you slayed me.
It helps that there are male gang vocals in the background of most songs, which I appreciate lots. The mention of Steve McQueen in the 2nd song also helped, although I'm not sure why or how.. Steve McQueen is just that awesome.
The music itself spans from cute pop punk, to something you'd expect to find on a Fat Wreck compilation, all the way back to Stooges style 70's punk rawk. While many bands would just end up sounding lost and confused by such variety, Teenage X do it well and it works, and satisfies every ounce of restlessness in me.
The fast paced drumming is by far the driving force of the band and works as the glue to hold each sound together. Definitely my favourite part.
The title of the album is also great, Drink Dance Destroy, triple DDD's! It reminds me of Dolly Parton's tits.
Side story: A few years ago I dressed up as Dolly Parton for Halloween and my friend dressed up as her/my tits. THAT'S how big those puppies are, they need their own person to pull off the costume. Not sure if they're DDD's exactly but that's beside the point.
The point is I'd motorboat this album.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Colin Farrell, the band.

Introducing Colin Farrell.
Great band name.
Great band!
Fast punk rock, the type of band I would have loved in high school and still love now.
Old school representin' with humour rubbed all over, impossible not to enjoy for the average punk fan.. especially those with short attention spans.
They have 2 albums: Are Not Serious is an 11 minute album featuring 11 songs, all of which are catchy as fuck despite the shortness, and Danger Zone is just a 4 song EP with the same Short Music idea to it.
AND on top of that they made their song into a comic, hilarious.

Check. Them. Out!


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My Love Note to Sister City.... XOXO

Whoaa, hello Sister City.
And hello to your new little full length, Carbon Footprint, too.
When you described yourself as indie rock + punk, and threw down Say Anything + Manchester Orchestra + NOFX as comparisons you had me.
Listening to you now, by just the second song you've already had me more times than I can count.
If you know what I mean.
Your brilliant writingz - both on a musical level as well as lyrical - and your emotionally endearing vocals remind me of Conor Oberst, with much reshpekt.
And although you may be emo, I don't feel like a pussy when I'm listening to you, and loving you.
And I like that.
You really do appeal to every ounce of emo in me though, and I'm not ashamed in that either.
You touch me like no band has successfully touched me in quite a while..

..and I hope to have you touch me every day for a very long time.
By listening to you I mean.
Of course.
And so on.


I love you.


S-Wow Titty Bang.

The Birds are Back In Towwwowowwwown!

Okay, I definitely stole that title off of Sparrows facebook page somewhere in the past, but it's fucking awesome so of course you can understand why I'm Robin Hood'ing it.
Also, they actually are 'back in town' in a they-have-a-new-5-song-EP sort of way. It's called Goliath, which is funny because I've been watching a lot of Gargoyles (TV show) lately and could totally see Goliath gettin' down to some of these tunes, like especially when he's up against Demona when she turns into a huge bitch nshitt.

They have an angst'y post hardcore rock sound to them with few enough break downs for me to enjoy it, love it even... sort of Moneen-like, and with many reminders of bands like Boys Night Out, Thrice, and From Autumn To Ashes ... if those 3 could ever be allowed in the same comparison. Really though, without any of the bullshit growling superbreakdowns in From Autumn To Ashes, and without all the clappy-breakdowns of BNO, and with the intent of the more recent but not latest Thrice...
uhhh... still there?
Let's just focus on the fact that I actually love them.
There's something in the singers voice, something that makes the music feel like a rather large penis inserting itself into my earlobe and screwing me slowly for the span of the 3 songs, approximately 13 minutes. EARGASM!
His voice is all too familiar, I almost feel as if I've been listening to it for years. Maybe I'm just reminiscing about the days when I listened to this type of music a lot more frequently and had a lot more passion for it. I realize now that I've drifted away from that style a bit lately... maybe these guys will help bring me back...
I'm already craving some Moneen timez.

bring back my bonnie to me, to me! wah!


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