The Birds are Back In Towwwowowwwown!

Okay, I definitely stole that title off of Sparrows facebook page somewhere in the past, but it's fucking awesome so of course you can understand why I'm Robin Hood'ing it.
Also, they actually are 'back in town' in a they-have-a-new-5-song-EP sort of way. It's called Goliath, which is funny because I've been watching a lot of Gargoyles (TV show) lately and could totally see Goliath gettin' down to some of these tunes, like especially when he's up against Demona when she turns into a huge bitch nshitt.

They have an angst'y post hardcore rock sound to them with few enough break downs for me to enjoy it, love it even... sort of Moneen-like, and with many reminders of bands like Boys Night Out, Thrice, and From Autumn To Ashes ... if those 3 could ever be allowed in the same comparison. Really though, without any of the bullshit growling superbreakdowns in From Autumn To Ashes, and without all the clappy-breakdowns of BNO, and with the intent of the more recent but not latest Thrice...
uhhh... still there?
Let's just focus on the fact that I actually love them.
There's something in the singers voice, something that makes the music feel like a rather large penis inserting itself into my earlobe and screwing me slowly for the span of the 3 songs, approximately 13 minutes. EARGASM!
His voice is all too familiar, I almost feel as if I've been listening to it for years. Maybe I'm just reminiscing about the days when I listened to this type of music a lot more frequently and had a lot more passion for it. I realize now that I've drifted away from that style a bit lately... maybe these guys will help bring me back...
I'm already craving some Moneen timez.

bring back my bonnie to me, to me! wah!

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