Bottle Rocket... in West Philadelphia, born and raised!

WOW, for a band who just formed in the spring this year they sure spit out this 6 song debut EP quick!
They are Bottle Rocket and I'd describe them as mellow, gloomy, 90's flashback drab rock.
Drab in a mood sense, not as in how I think of them. Overall the music is awesome, far from drab.
From the dreary vocals to the sombre but spectacular drums and the sensitive strumming of each note, these 6 songs are put together incredibly well, grabbing the listener by the hand and leading him/her/it through a forest built from tears of the 90's.
Don't let the down-words bring you downwards, none of them are meant negatively towards how I feel about the band. To be honest I love it. And you should listen to it:

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