Junior Battles...Better than ever.

I really didn't think that I could love Junior Battles any more than I already did.
They just went from one of my favourite local bands to my favourite band.PERIOD.
This with the release of Idle Ages which came out near the end of June.
It's insanely good.
It's gush-worthy in more ways than one... like from my mouth and from my vag. Gross?
I'm actually rendered speechless when it comes to describing just how insanely good it is.
Did I mention that they are now my favourite band .period.?
This album goes above and beyond anything I've heard out of Toronto,
It's unbelievable.
It's equivalent to a virgin-tight pussy but with years of experience.
The harmonies... the vocals... the lyrics... the surprise appearance of both horns and keys... the signature Junior Battles style and sound... the drums... oh the drums... *gushes*
I'm practically dry humping my speakers right now listening to this orgy of punk rock greatness.
If you're looking to get off LISTEN (AND PURCHASE) THE ALBUM HERE!

It's the tits.

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