Kim Wempe's Painting With Tides

Holy gorgeous East Coast folk music, Kim Wempe!
Her new album Painting With Tides is just spectacular.
She's got this great unique voice that makes the hair on every part of my body stand up when I hear it, and at certain times I swear she makes my heart skip a beat.
The music itself takes a backseat to the vocals in the most beautiful way possible, only really coming to life when she's not singing away, creating such a great balance between song and singer.
The beat of the drums is often capable of leaving me breathless throughout the album, and the strings are consistently chilling to hear.
It's one of those albums that just makes me really really happy, leaving me with a smile from ear to ear.
Especially considering all the great collaborations featured on it (Joel Plaskett, Old Man Luedecke, Thom Swift and Geoff Hillhorst of Deep Dark Woods) it's an exceptional piece of work and something that I won't soon be forgetting.

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