"A kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt."

Beards beards beards!
Who doesn't like beards!?
I love them!
What's better than one beard?
A Band of Beards.
Awesome name. Awesome band.
Their album is called Fuerteventura and their music is this surfabilly pubescent punk rock filled with hairy bass lines, flocculent guitar solo's, and villous drum beats. Whatever that means.
They don't stop at just plain old bearded punk rock though, on top of that shaggy surfabilly they have this underlying bushy indie rock sound to them which totally reminds me of Bear Vs Shark, the vocals especially. But that's not all! In one song even throw in some fluffy ska chords... my favourite!
Their 8 track album is dingle berry-less (meaning it's got no shit attached to it's ass beard) and I strongly encourage you to pull the hair out of your ears and give it a good listen. If you like beards, that is. (not the gay kind ;))(on second thought, gay kind included).


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