Musikanto.... more like MusiKANO!

When I think of Chicago I think of blues, harmonica driven, jazz, indie rock festivals and Pitchfork.
When I listen to Musikanto it's pretty easy to assume he's from said city.
Spanning across those famous Chicago sounds and much more including lots of yummy folk, alt-country and some chamber music breakdowns this man gives you everything you need in one album.
It's music that makes me want to set out across foreign lands on foot with just a backpack and the sun at my back.
It's got some of the best travelin' twang that I've heard as of late, and those softer roots'y songs tend to remind me of bands like The Dustin Bentall Outfit or The Deep Dark Woods, and in some songs when the piano hits he totally sounds like something Bend Sinister related.
It's brilliant!
It satisfies many musical hungers and please my ADD ears all at once, kind of like eating a McDonalds value menu burger that pleases both your stomach and your wallet. (sorry, McDonalds on the brain)
I'm sitting here trying to choose a favourite song and it's near impossible... "My Heart Won't Bleed Anymore" (EMO), "Every Which Way", "False Wind", and the one below are all in contention... along with every other track. SIGH. It's almost like choosing a favourite child, which might sound creepy since this is my first listen and I'm already that close to it that I'm dropping the 'c' bomb. CREEPER!
N E WAY, enjoy this video!

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