My Love Note to Sister City.... XOXO

Whoaa, hello Sister City.
And hello to your new little full length, Carbon Footprint, too.
When you described yourself as indie rock + punk, and threw down Say Anything + Manchester Orchestra + NOFX as comparisons you had me.
Listening to you now, by just the second song you've already had me more times than I can count.
If you know what I mean.
Your brilliant writingz - both on a musical level as well as lyrical - and your emotionally endearing vocals remind me of Conor Oberst, with much reshpekt.
And although you may be emo, I don't feel like a pussy when I'm listening to you, and loving you.
And I like that.
You really do appeal to every ounce of emo in me though, and I'm not ashamed in that either.
You touch me like no band has successfully touched me in quite a while..

..and I hope to have you touch me every day for a very long time.
By listening to you I mean.
Of course.
And so on.

I love you.


S-Wow Titty Bang.