The Noble Rogues - Kin

For those of you who attended my Rock Against Rob Ford show in Toronto before the election you will probably remember The Noble Rogues, a gnarly rock and roll band with some serious bluesy attitudez.
Even if you weren't in attendance that night PAY ATTENTION because they're about to release a full length called Kin, coming out in Montreal on July 16th and here in Toronto on July 23rd, and trust me when I say you don't want to miss it.
Because I'm better than you - and because of this blog I guess - I have the pleasure of hearing it now and from what I've heard so far it's the type of album fit to make a grown man crap his pants out of pure excitement.
Within the first minute of the first song you experience what's only the beginning of the rippin' guitar featured throughout the album, and when the chorus hits you'll find yourself singing along immediately, it's simple yet catchy and irresistible to your vocal chords.
So goes every song thereafter, without slowing down nor letting down the listener, these guys have the ability to deliver great rock song after great rock song that will have you shaking your head in order to remind yourself that you're listening to a new album, not something that came out back when rawk N rawl was the real deal.
The Noble Rogues ARE the real deal.
Just listen to that riff in the beginning of "Incandescent".. it's the sound of an ecstatic biker, can you picture it?

What's even more impressive is when you clue in to the actual lyrics and realize that they're a lot smarter than you'd usually expect from this style of music, demanding instant respect from a writing perspective.
And it's impossible not to love the uniqueness to each singers voice, one of which can belt it out Zeppelin-stylez out of nowhere, which is amazing.
This is one of the most solid rock and roll albums I have heard come out of this generation, and I guarantee anyone who grew up with Q107 or their parents records will thoroughly appreciate it as well.
Make sure to come out to the album release party either here in Toronto or in Montreal! Click the links to see the event info.

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