Poison Control Center - Stranger Ballet

I think I'm getting soft.
Too many positive reviews lately.
No fun!
I wish I could hate this band just so I'd have somebody to make fun of, but they're absolutely impossible to hate.
Poison Control Center have a new album out titled Stranger Ballet and it's the perfect sunny day indie rock album with some additional theatrics to get lost in this summer.

Simply structured but with anything-but-simple instrumentation, especially those drums which are great. They remind me of the good old days in rock n roll music back in the 60's or 70's or some era that I was not privy to, dammit. No need to harp on that now though, I am privy to PCC in my lifetime and that makes up for it quite a bit actually. With their 'wowowowowowowowow's they sound like the Beach Boys are making a comeback, and I F'ing love it. Then comes the ripping guitar which is a total beach babe magnet lemmetellyou.
The album just gets better and better and better as you get through it, and my mental-hard on gets harder and harder with it.
The track "Seagull" just made my mind boner explode the first time I heard it, it's fucking awesome. Just like the rest of the album, seriously seriously fucking awesome.
I smell a new favourite band... it smells like jizz.


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