#twitternetworkingrules! Thanks to a tweet from this band to review their album I have found new #awesomepunkrockmusic to add to my continuous playlist of #sicktracksbrah. The band is Stuck Out Here and their new album is titled Last Night, This Morning which is a #prettycoolnameforanalbum (haha that says anal). They're a pretty fucking cool sounding band too. As far as I can tell from their #facebook they just played with Junior Battles... meaning I like them immediately.
The vocals are uniquely soothing to my punk loving ears, and the harmonized shouting is probably my favourite thing to hear right now. They're #totallypartypoppunk, a band I would love to get drunk to (but hey, what don't I get drunk to).

Sorry for the shortness, but it's nice outside and now I want a drink!

Download their album here! Make sure to donate something.. they deserve it!

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