Tiny Tide Tiny Tide Tino Tids Tenny Tode Teeny Turds

First off, I'm drunk.
I haven't done a drunk review in a while!
Today is a day of 'haven't-in-a-while'sss I guess.
I feel bad for taking so damn long to do this review, and then being drunk when I finally get around to it. Oooooppppsssssss. Sorry!!
I'm kind glad I am though, it's definitely adding to the fuckedupdedness of this Tiny Tide album I'm listening to. Right now they are beautifully blending into an electro-like dancy, tribal, across the seas sort of COCKtail, and I'm really enjoying it after the movie I just watched (Battlefield Baseball, my new favourite FYI... and cue Sarah making a moviessheblogged page).
The album I'm to be reviewing is called There's A Girl That Never Goes Out, which makes me laugh because I'm drinking at home alone right now watching subtitled preposterous baseball themed movies. The album SOUNDS as if the girl is out though, and I don't remember TIny Tide to sound like that. THey were much more, uh, euro classic rock sounding when I first heard them I thought.. but as I type that I realize that this now is a natural progression into euro beats.
It's not quite beats. Forget that...
I like it though. It may have enticed me to get up on more than a few occasions during the short album and perform 1 of my 3 'sarah moves' as they'e been dubbed. How predictable.
Diggin' it.

I recall I'm supposed to be reviewing another album of theirs too? (hahaha@calling the above a review) One that happened out of nowhere in the time that I took to get around to doing this "review"... OOPPZZZ AGAINZZZ
This one is Plato's Summer Stars and within the first 40 seconds of the first track I am jizzing my bed over it. It's along the same dancy lines thus far but with this total Elton John/Billy Joel background to it, reminding me once again of their classic rock likeness.
They've got some magic ability shit to pull this album out of their ass in the short period of time my which procrastination desired.
I really like it.
It's much spacy-rrr than the one I was just rambling about, and has me bobbing around my bed all full of sarah moves without even bothering to get up.
Maybe because the music is too 'right now good', or maybe because I"m drunk. Who knows!

Ima leave you with this. It's from the first album I was mumbling about.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Light For Fire really light my fire, if you know what I mean. (in my vagina)

I haven't done this lately - talked about a band without being asked - but I can't get enough of Light For Fire and I just have to share it with as many people as possible.
They play liquor-drenched folk music reminiscent of a broken-hearted-but-still-relatively-optimistic M. Ward, Good Old War/Unlikely Cowboy, with a shot of Bob Dylan and a Conor Oberst chaser.
Trust me when I say that whiskey dick is no threat as I drink up this album. There's absolutely no stopping the boner I have for it, in fact, it's one of those wasted boners that just never end (blow).
"Where I Was Born" is such a fantastic song, and "Green Heart", and "Twisted Rose", and ... well ... all of them.
They've easily become my new favourite band (at least of this week).
Hence the 'Band of the Week' title, WHUTTUP!

You should listen to it here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Megan Heavlin Ochoa, RAWRRR!

Megan Heavlin Ochoa sounds like one feisty tamale. She's sort of like a Latin (I don't even know if she's Latino haha) KT Tunstall, and I love me some KT Tunstall. (People are genuinely surprised by this, but I attribute it to my HMV dayz.)
In turn I love everything about this Megan chick too.. love her relatable lyrics, her sexy soulful vocals and especially her sensual bluesy rock sound. She sings mostly female heartbreak stories it seems, but with some serious balls and definite sass to de-pussy the music so gals like me will like it.
I actually really want to be friends with this girl after hearing her song "Crazy". The horns just drive me wild throughout it, along with her demanding voice.

(no horns in this version unfortunately)
I even love her softer side that she shows in songs like "Swooning" and "Rosy Colored Glasses", that show this tamale's got a soul.


Check her out here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Last night was the amazing SPITFIST's Thanks For Nothing 7" release show at Sneaky Dee's, fuck yes.
I was banking on still being drunk and full of enthusiasm as I write this the morning after but biking to work (what, work, nah, I'm not writing this at work, silly, cough) I've lost my buzz - which took most of my leftover enthusiasm with it - and gained the hiccups instead. *hic* D'YAR! *cup*
Luckily I don't NEED to still be drunk to remain excited about the show last night.
With 5 awesome bands (and a soggy nacho precursor) it ended up being one of the best show nights I've had in a whiiiiile.
First up was Maker, a band I swore I recognized facially (hehe facial) but couldn't figure out if I've ever seen before. They were fucking awesome though and I wish they played shows more often with their grizzly vocals and catchy punk rock riffs.
The second band to hit the stage was Kosmograd, who stood out in this line up with their post-metal sound with huge intros and heavy ambient rock outs. And rack the fack aut they did. Not my favourite style but I enjoyed them technically.
A friend of mines friends band, The Get Nuns, were next and (sorry friend!) I immediately judged them to be terrible based on the horrific hair on both guitar player and bass player, and the even worse v-neck of the latter. My original plan was to only talk about how fake the guitarists hair looked in this review up until they actually started playing and I shut my judgemental mouth because they were actually fucking awesome. In a total Change Of Heart (can you believe The Game was on Change Of Heart!?!?!?!?!) I now see his fake glam mop as more of a Vince Noir style, and that's all I will say about that.
Greys were next and immediately grabbed my attention by the balls with their similarity to Refused. mmmMmMmMmmmmm Refused. They were WICKED, and although I've seen them a couple times before I have never been sober enough to be blown away like I was last night, and damn did they blow me.
SPITFIST were the stars of the night though. I've never had as much faith in a chicks ability to play great punk rock as I do after seeing this band, every single time. What started out as fun and games for these 4 HOT chicks morphed into one of the siqqqqqest, tightest Toronto bands of right meow. (meow meow meow meow). Their new even heavier songs gave me the biggest lady boner for this bunch of ladies, and propelled Spitfist into my top 5 favourite bands in the city, easily. I can't even believe how intense my love for them has grown over the last year or so, and despite how many times I've seen them already I can't FUCKING WAIT to see them again. I need their 7". YOU need their 7". Everybody needs their 7".

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Oh! Polyphony

Oh! Polyphony sound exactly how I imagine Jesse Lacey from Brand New would sound if he suddenly decided to clone himself and was able to pull off the technically unsound rapid aging seen in movies such as Star Trek III: Search for Spock, Alien: Resurrection or Starman, and then formed an acoustic band with Jesse #2.
I also imagine that somehow either or both Jesse's become Scottish in the process.
Have I lost you?
Clearly I've lost my mind.
Anyhoo, that's what Oh! Polyphony remind me of.
Genius writing that forms a vice-like grip around your heart, gently ripping it further out of your chest with each song. And all sung with divine harmonies that allow the polyphony name accuracy and the ability to depict what you're about to hear when you read it.
Some may call it math rock, others indie-folk.
Personally I call it acoustic emo.
It's probably all of the above.
And just FYI, I like it.
Not all emo is bad emo, right?
Dude's got this super soothing New Glasgow-obvious voice that carries you through each song as if on you're on that helpful flying carpet in world 1-2 of Super Mario Bros 2 sans any danger coming your way. Except for the danger of HEART BREAK!
Ooh faced!
(Cabin Fever reference, yup)

Anyway, find all his songs on the Oh! Polyphony Bandcamp! and check out this cute indie video also!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear = BEST NAME EVER !

Don't you just LOVE donation-based albums on bandcamp.com lately.
They're like, totally awesome.
Well, when the bands are like totally awesome that is.
Ghost Robot Ninja Bear are one of those like totally awesome bands.
You should check them out.


That's all I got.
I'm on vacation in my mind already.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

If you like Sufjan Stevens or The Weeknd...

I present to you Ill Weeknd by Bobby James.
I know it's not the weekend yet, but come Saturday I want you to wake up, grab a beer (it's the weekend, AM drinking is necessary), grab your sunglasses, find a sunny place outside to sit and CRANK THIS ALBUM.

I can't wait for Saturday so I can hear the album in the sun, when it was intended to be heard. Right now I sit in a dark corner of an office dreaming of sunlight and beer and yet still thoroughly enjoying each track. I love Sufjan Stevens, and now that I'm hearing this I think I need to give The Weeknd a serious chance. The samples are done flawlessly, forming a hole new identity that is Bobby James. I know nothing about this guy, but I love him just the same. Brilliant idea, done brilliantly. Bravo!
My favourite track is "John Wayne Gacy Jr. (Killed This Beat)" both for sound and genius song title.
If you're one with Frank Costanza and forever craving SERENITY NOW, I think I've found it for you in Ill Weeknd.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Damn Volkswagen, I like your styyyyyle.

And by styyyyyle I mean the music they put in their new commercials.
EVERY single ad I've seen lately has featured a song that I immediately google and download.
Whoever is in charge of the music should be given a huge fucking raise.
If I had the money I'd probably buy a Golf right now.
Das auto.

1. The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey"

It's astounding how well this song goes with this commercial. It's got a great build up, and had me going back to rediscover The Jesus and Mary Chain.

2. Wave Machines - "Keep The Lights On"

This song is an absolute obsession of mine. Every time I hear it on this commercial it gets stuck in my head, and I still haven't gotten sick of it. It's basically in the back of my mind every day.

3. Active Child - "When Your Love Is Safe"

The lyrics to this song grabbed me right off the bat. Aside from LOVING the vocals, the words hit home "there's something that I want to tell you that I never said...sorry that I ever told you all those things I didn't mean inside my head, but you know that's just the way I am." EMO EMO EMO = ME . But whatever, I admit it, words get to me sometimes... I don't care that this time it's through a VW Golf commercial. That's just the way I am.

Now I can't forget the VW commercial from earlier this year with Star Wars music... one of my favourite commercials ever.

ANNND a shout out to Hyundai for matching VW with their one awesome commercial song.
New Pornographers - "Moves"

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Little Dragon - Ritual Union

Have you heard of Little Dragon by now?
They're the unconventional electro band who collaborated with the Gorillaz on 2 songs off their Plastic Beach album, "Empire Ants" and "To Binge".
Those songs have since been labelled as the 2 best off the album, greatly attributed to the Little Dragon expertise.
The band just released their 3rd studio album called Ritual Union with 10 of their very own down tempo synthpop tracks.
And wow.
I'm not sure if it's because I've been in a total dance phase lately, or because those Swedes know how to work it (and by work it I mean write it), but the album is out of this world. I mean that almost literally too.
The spacey songs will enchant you into a trance where all you'll see is stars before your eyes slowly close and you start rolling your body from side to side into some form of a dance.
Each song has the power to bewitch you.
And you'll love it.
I love it.
It's low key and unimposing for electro yet impossible to ignore.
You can hear it HERE.

Check out a live performance of the album's title track.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Snakes - The Sleepover EP

Introducing comedy/hip-hop duo Snakes, well known for their work in the sketch comedy group Harvard Sailing Team.
I just so happen to be a big fan of comedic hip hop and have a lot of friends experimenting in the genre right now that remind me of this group and their new EP The Sleepover.
What I really love about this project is how surprisingly decent it is musically.
"Whole Bunch Of Chicken" is a fantastic song even when you take out the hilarious chicken talk. I can't help but dance around in my chair picturing a whole bunch of chicken legs and wings grooving around me. They've got damn good beats, and it sounds like they know what they're doing.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Chris Prescott, formerly of one of my all time favourite bands Pinback, is uh, back, with a lot more people and a lot more instruments. With the help of other former Pinbackians, as well as a few others including two who appear to be family (Carl Prescott on many horns, Marjorie Prescott on cello) Chris is putting his studies in jazz drumming to good use with this new jazzy indie rock project called The Montalban Quintet.
They aren't exactly what you'd expect to hear until you read up on Chris Prescott and his degree in Jazz Studies at UCSD. There is a faint hint of Pinback style near the beginning of the album but it mostly comes with the singing, which is sparse throughout the rest of the album. But hey, who needs vocals when you have so many instruments.
Instead of composing the rhythm out of syncopation they use more expected and on-beat phrasings of minimalist jazz to blend in with the indie rock, and even some classic rock like attributes.
And then there are the horns. **Flugaboner alert!**

I love Pinback, I love horns .. jazz fan or not I am already more than a little captivated by this album.

I received an email from the bands mailing list and I have basically convinced myself that it was one of the Pinback members who added me to it so that I can die happy knowing that I fell on their radar... be it the truth or not. I have lived with an intense Pinback obsession for as long as I can remember, relying on them to help me fall asleep each night I spent in a new apartment... so hearing this ever-so-relaxing new Pinback related product has me assured that I will sleep soundly once again.
Wait, I don't mean they're boring by that, just comforting. And pretty.
And probably wet dream-inspiring with all those horns.

You can stream / buy the whole album here!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Stray Kites - Mieux

Do you remember that old nursery rhyme "10 In A Bed"?
Let me refresh your memory:

I'm not entirely sure why but Stray Kites' new album Mieux instantly reminded me of that song. Not because they sound like a nursery rhyme (well, actually they kind of do in the track "The Ghoster"), but because there is something about their music that makes me feel like I'm lying in bed with them - totally innocent - while they play their new record. To me the album is as intimate as that bed full of 10 people, and with each track I picture one person rolling out of the bed until it's down to just the band by the end of the 10 track album.
The fact that the duo recorded it entirely at home by themselves explains why their indie/folk has such a comforting feel to it.
Don't let that fool you into thinking this is simple in any way though... with foot stomping, clapping, a vibraphone, a trumpet, etc etc etc it's hard to believe that it only took 2 people to make such a profound folk album.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Regime - 2011

So, I've been listening to a lot of Wugazi lately (Fugazi + Wu Tang Clan mashup album, it's wicked FYI) and so the first thing I thought of when I listened to 2011 by The Regime was the similarity they have to Fugazi (sans the Wu). Right off the bat that's a great comparison and enough to thoroughly interest me.
And throughout their 13 songs my interest never once wavered.
Each and every track really puts the 'rock' in 'punk rock' this time around for The Regime. It's a rager of an album, totally tumultuous with a raw, live feel to it.. but with the tightness of your grandma's butthole - and bands like A Wilhelm Scream who's technicality never suffers whether it's live or recorded.
Each song serves to push me further back into my high school era of punk rock when bands like Circle Jerks, Fugazi, Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, Paint It Back and Propagandhi (I could go on but I think you get the idea) were all constants in the cd player all of us CDCI East punkers listened to in the halls at lunch.

In other words, FUCK YEAH THE REGIME.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.
(Sorry about the lack of pictures, computer problems WHOMP)