Damn Volkswagen, I like your styyyyyle.

And by styyyyyle I mean the music they put in their new commercials.
EVERY single ad I've seen lately has featured a song that I immediately google and download.
Whoever is in charge of the music should be given a huge fucking raise.
If I had the money I'd probably buy a Golf right now.
Das auto.

1. The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey"

It's astounding how well this song goes with this commercial. It's got a great build up, and had me going back to rediscover The Jesus and Mary Chain.

2. Wave Machines - "Keep The Lights On"

This song is an absolute obsession of mine. Every time I hear it on this commercial it gets stuck in my head, and I still haven't gotten sick of it. It's basically in the back of my mind every day.

3. Active Child - "When Your Love Is Safe"

The lyrics to this song grabbed me right off the bat. Aside from LOVING the vocals, the words hit home "there's something that I want to tell you that I never said...sorry that I ever told you all those things I didn't mean inside my head, but you know that's just the way I am." EMO EMO EMO = ME . But whatever, I admit it, words get to me sometimes... I don't care that this time it's through a VW Golf commercial. That's just the way I am.

Now I can't forget the VW commercial from earlier this year with Star Wars music... one of my favourite commercials ever.

ANNND a shout out to Hyundai for matching VW with their one awesome commercial song.
New Pornographers - "Moves"

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