Light For Fire really light my fire, if you know what I mean. (in my vagina)

I haven't done this lately - talked about a band without being asked - but I can't get enough of Light For Fire and I just have to share it with as many people as possible.
They play liquor-drenched folk music reminiscent of a broken-hearted-but-still-relatively-optimistic M. Ward, Good Old War/Unlikely Cowboy, with a shot of Bob Dylan and a Conor Oberst chaser.
Trust me when I say that whiskey dick is no threat as I drink up this album. There's absolutely no stopping the boner I have for it, in fact, it's one of those wasted boners that just never end (blow).
"Where I Was Born" is such a fantastic song, and "Green Heart", and "Twisted Rose", and ... well ... all of them.
They've easily become my new favourite band (at least of this week).
Hence the 'Band of the Week' title, WHUTTUP!

You should listen to it here.

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