Little Dragon - Ritual Union

Have you heard of Little Dragon by now?
They're the unconventional electro band who collaborated with the Gorillaz on 2 songs off their Plastic Beach album, "Empire Ants" and "To Binge".
Those songs have since been labelled as the 2 best off the album, greatly attributed to the Little Dragon expertise.
The band just released their 3rd studio album called Ritual Union with 10 of their very own down tempo synthpop tracks.
And wow.
I'm not sure if it's because I've been in a total dance phase lately, or because those Swedes know how to work it (and by work it I mean write it), but the album is out of this world. I mean that almost literally too.
The spacey songs will enchant you into a trance where all you'll see is stars before your eyes slowly close and you start rolling your body from side to side into some form of a dance.
Each song has the power to bewitch you.
And you'll love it.
I love it.
It's low key and unimposing for electro yet impossible to ignore.
You can hear it HERE.

Check out a live performance of the album's title track.

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