Megan Heavlin Ochoa, RAWRRR!

Megan Heavlin Ochoa sounds like one feisty tamale. She's sort of like a Latin (I don't even know if she's Latino haha) KT Tunstall, and I love me some KT Tunstall. (People are genuinely surprised by this, but I attribute it to my HMV dayz.)
In turn I love everything about this Megan chick too.. love her relatable lyrics, her sexy soulful vocals and especially her sensual bluesy rock sound. She sings mostly female heartbreak stories it seems, but with some serious balls and definite sass to de-pussy the music so gals like me will like it.
I actually really want to be friends with this girl after hearing her song "Crazy". The horns just drive me wild throughout it, along with her demanding voice.

(no horns in this version unfortunately)
I even love her softer side that she shows in songs like "Swooning" and "Rosy Colored Glasses", that show this tamale's got a soul.


Check her out here.

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