Oh! Polyphony

Oh! Polyphony sound exactly how I imagine Jesse Lacey from Brand New would sound if he suddenly decided to clone himself and was able to pull off the technically unsound rapid aging seen in movies such as Star Trek III: Search for Spock, Alien: Resurrection or Starman, and then formed an acoustic band with Jesse #2.
I also imagine that somehow either or both Jesse's become Scottish in the process.
Have I lost you?
Clearly I've lost my mind.
Anyhoo, that's what Oh! Polyphony remind me of.
Genius writing that forms a vice-like grip around your heart, gently ripping it further out of your chest with each song. And all sung with divine harmonies that allow the polyphony name accuracy and the ability to depict what you're about to hear when you read it.
Some may call it math rock, others indie-folk.
Personally I call it acoustic emo.
It's probably all of the above.
And just FYI, I like it.
Not all emo is bad emo, right?
Dude's got this super soothing New Glasgow-obvious voice that carries you through each song as if on you're on that helpful flying carpet in world 1-2 of Super Mario Bros 2 sans any danger coming your way. Except for the danger of HEART BREAK!
Ooh faced!
(Cabin Fever reference, yup)

Anyway, find all his songs on the Oh! Polyphony Bandcamp! and check out this cute indie video also!

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