Last night was the amazing SPITFIST's Thanks For Nothing 7" release show at Sneaky Dee's, fuck yes.
I was banking on still being drunk and full of enthusiasm as I write this the morning after but biking to work (what, work, nah, I'm not writing this at work, silly, cough) I've lost my buzz - which took most of my leftover enthusiasm with it - and gained the hiccups instead. *hic* D'YAR! *cup*
Luckily I don't NEED to still be drunk to remain excited about the show last night.
With 5 awesome bands (and a soggy nacho precursor) it ended up being one of the best show nights I've had in a whiiiiile.
First up was Maker, a band I swore I recognized facially (hehe facial) but couldn't figure out if I've ever seen before. They were fucking awesome though and I wish they played shows more often with their grizzly vocals and catchy punk rock riffs.
The second band to hit the stage was Kosmograd, who stood out in this line up with their post-metal sound with huge intros and heavy ambient rock outs. And rack the fack aut they did. Not my favourite style but I enjoyed them technically.
A friend of mines friends band, The Get Nuns, were next and (sorry friend!) I immediately judged them to be terrible based on the horrific hair on both guitar player and bass player, and the even worse v-neck of the latter. My original plan was to only talk about how fake the guitarists hair looked in this review up until they actually started playing and I shut my judgemental mouth because they were actually fucking awesome. In a total Change Of Heart (can you believe The Game was on Change Of Heart!?!?!?!?!) I now see his fake glam mop as more of a Vince Noir style, and that's all I will say about that.
Greys were next and immediately grabbed my attention by the balls with their similarity to Refused. mmmMmMmMmmmmm Refused. They were WICKED, and although I've seen them a couple times before I have never been sober enough to be blown away like I was last night, and damn did they blow me.
SPITFIST were the stars of the night though. I've never had as much faith in a chicks ability to play great punk rock as I do after seeing this band, every single time. What started out as fun and games for these 4 HOT chicks morphed into one of the siqqqqqest, tightest Toronto bands of right meow. (meow meow meow meow). Their new even heavier songs gave me the biggest lady boner for this bunch of ladies, and propelled Spitfist into my top 5 favourite bands in the city, easily. I can't even believe how intense my love for them has grown over the last year or so, and despite how many times I've seen them already I can't FUCKING WAIT to see them again. I need their 7". YOU need their 7". Everybody needs their 7".

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