Stray Kites - Mieux

Do you remember that old nursery rhyme "10 In A Bed"?
Let me refresh your memory:

I'm not entirely sure why but Stray Kites' new album Mieux instantly reminded me of that song. Not because they sound like a nursery rhyme (well, actually they kind of do in the track "The Ghoster"), but because there is something about their music that makes me feel like I'm lying in bed with them - totally innocent - while they play their new record. To me the album is as intimate as that bed full of 10 people, and with each track I picture one person rolling out of the bed until it's down to just the band by the end of the 10 track album.
The fact that the duo recorded it entirely at home by themselves explains why their indie/folk has such a comforting feel to it.
Don't let that fool you into thinking this is simple in any way though... with foot stomping, clapping, a vibraphone, a trumpet, etc etc etc it's hard to believe that it only took 2 people to make such a profound folk album.


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