Tiny Tide Tiny Tide Tino Tids Tenny Tode Teeny Turds

First off, I'm drunk.
I haven't done a drunk review in a while!
Today is a day of 'haven't-in-a-while'sss I guess.
I feel bad for taking so damn long to do this review, and then being drunk when I finally get around to it. Oooooppppsssssss. Sorry!!
I'm kind glad I am though, it's definitely adding to the fuckedupdedness of this Tiny Tide album I'm listening to. Right now they are beautifully blending into an electro-like dancy, tribal, across the seas sort of COCKtail, and I'm really enjoying it after the movie I just watched (Battlefield Baseball, my new favourite FYI... and cue Sarah making a moviessheblogged page).
The album I'm to be reviewing is called There's A Girl That Never Goes Out, which makes me laugh because I'm drinking at home alone right now watching subtitled preposterous baseball themed movies. The album SOUNDS as if the girl is out though, and I don't remember TIny Tide to sound like that. THey were much more, uh, euro classic rock sounding when I first heard them I thought.. but as I type that I realize that this now is a natural progression into euro beats.
It's not quite beats. Forget that...
I like it though. It may have enticed me to get up on more than a few occasions during the short album and perform 1 of my 3 'sarah moves' as they'e been dubbed. How predictable.
Diggin' it.

I recall I'm supposed to be reviewing another album of theirs too? (hahaha@calling the above a review) One that happened out of nowhere in the time that I took to get around to doing this "review"... OOPPZZZ AGAINZZZ
This one is Plato's Summer Stars and within the first 40 seconds of the first track I am jizzing my bed over it. It's along the same dancy lines thus far but with this total Elton John/Billy Joel background to it, reminding me once again of their classic rock likeness.
They've got some magic ability shit to pull this album out of their ass in the short period of time my which procrastination desired.
I really like it.
It's much spacy-rrr than the one I was just rambling about, and has me bobbing around my bed all full of sarah moves without even bothering to get up.
Maybe because the music is too 'right now good', or maybe because I"m drunk. Who knows!

Ima leave you with this. It's from the first album I was mumbling about.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.