Deep Dark Woods / The Beauties @ Lee's Palace

Deep Dark Woods.... more like Deep Dark WOOD. As in, boner.
Which is what I would have perma-had at Lee's Palace on Saturday night if I was a dude and was sexually attracted to music, and comfortable enough to admit to getting a boner from a band of boys, which I totally would be.
What I'm trying to say is I'd be gay for Deep Dark Woods.
Their performance was like the sexy buxom studio nurse to my Yakko and Wakko. (If I had balls I would give them those nicknames for sure!)

I almost missed it for my mom's birthday in Cobourg but last minute decided to come back to the city and try to catch up on the massive work load I've accumulated lately. I never thought any good would come out of being utterly swamped, but it opened up my Saturday night to go see Deep Dark Woods with The Beauties at a venue basically across the street from my house, so THANK FREAKIN GOODNESS.
This would be my second chance at seeing the band, the first time was a much more intimate show at the Dakota Tavern. As great as they were at Lee's Palace I think I much prefer the intimacy of being level with the band instead of looking up at them on a stage. They're the type of band who you want to be close to, and feel part of while they play. Fortunately there were far fewer douche bags at this show compared to the last, so that's a point for Lee's Palace.
Since I wasn't even supposed to be there I ended up drinking too much and leaving it up to my boyfriend who I will refer to only as 'Unexpert' (wow it feels weird to let you all in on my relationship status.. too personal, eek!) to review it as if I hadn't shown up at all, so I'm just going to share with you what he thought of the show. And, just FYI, I did do SOMETHING, I took some very drunk and blurry pictures. I'm not useless at all, see!
The keyboardist was incredible, he kept doing really long solos and he would really appreciate the applause that the crowd gave him every time... and seemed pretty modest about it.
There was not enough pedal steel though.
The singer said hilarious things between songs and actually had people laughing...he described one song as "it's about stuff and suchlikes, so get ready to go" and another as "this is a song about things that happen" or something like that....he seemed passively enthusiastic to be there!
They had a lot of drawn out jams that the crowd really seemed to appreciate, new songs and old.
I'm not really sure what else to say about it, I really liked it, but they are better when it is a smaller venue. They still played an amazing set and didn't seem like assholes, they actually looked like they enjoyed themselves.

I definitely agree with all that as far as I can remember.

I wish I wasn't so wasted so I could recall some of The Beauties awesomeness also, because they were fucking phenomenal. They reminded me a lot of a band called Old Man Markley (give or take - mostly take - a few instruments) and they are my ultimate favourite kind of sound right now. I made some notes about how wicked the drummer was and about jizzing in my pants, but that's about all I can decipher from them. I also wrote 'Free Willy' down, and if anybody who was at the show has ANY idea why I would write that could you please tell me.. because I have no fucking idea what that was referring to. Mystery Willy! Oh well...

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Thanks a lot to Unexpert.

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