"I'm going to play something more mellow, for the ladies perhaps, this one's called 'Killing Spree'" - The Jim Jones Revue

There's been something missing in my life lately.
I have felt its absence without a clue to what 'it' was.
Last night I found 'it' at The Horseshoe...
The Jim Jones Revue was IT!
Not just the band alone, but seeing them perform one of the most exhilarating live shows I have EVER been to. Standing there in the crowd I felt like I was in some sort of rock n roll vortex and was somehow watching a performance by any of the rock n roll greats... Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley (who ODDLY ENOUGH I was listening to before the show as I cleaned my room, weeeird, AND to make things weirder "Suspicious Minds" just came on over SiriusXM radio as I write this :O), or Jerry Lee Lewis.
Judging by the crowd made up of mom's and dad's everybody was experiencing the same feeling, only they had actually lived during times like this. It was almost a real life Back to the Future moment.

The band was irresistible, threatening to send me into a worship-frenzy and encouraging me to consider becoming the next Pamela Des Barres, all thanks to the singer's inSEXiable (get it, instead of insatiable..) Mick Jagger-like energy and his ability to sweet talk the crowd by swearing in their faces loudly (hilarious!).. or the bassists smooth sex-linky (get it, instead of slinky..) moves in his cowboy boots and his tat'd arms producing the most stimulating bass lines that practically picked your feet up and danced them for you.. or the guitarist decked out in leather conjuring up some of the most wicked solos so close to me that his guitar could have smoked me in the face on numerous occasions had I been any drunker/slower to react.. OR the man tickling the ivories to the side who stole my ear-hearts with every ounce of his key-hammering intensity.. OR (this is the last 'or' I promise) the drummer, there's no possible way to forget he who was the backbone to the dance floor the entire performance.
The feeling in the venue was equal to the excitement those darn kids exuded during the school dance-off in Grease. I always wished I had been alive back then specifically for dance numbers like this one, and seeing The JJR perform is probably the closest I will ever come to time traveling back to 1959.

I guess it's no wonder that the JJR were milf magnets. Never have I seen so many cougars creaming their pants together in one place. Yowza!
My favourite part was when the singer called out "I'm going to play something more mellow, for the ladies perhaps, this one's called 'Killing Spree'". One of the best songs of the night, and not more mellow at all.
To sum it up....: WOW.

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