The sweet sweet sounds of September 2011.

First of all my apologies to those waiting on a review - no internet at home right now means no way of downloading your album which means no review until our internet is hooked up!

This September is pretty bad ass when it comes to new releases.
You've got The Rapture, This is a Standoff, The Horrible Crowes (which, I'm sorry, just sounds like Gaslight and I'm SO SICK of Gaslight Anthem), Kevin Devine, Polar Bear Club, Chuck Ragan, Me First.., Bush, Mogwai, Nirvana (back from the dead!:O), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Wavves, Thrice, Opeth, Mastadon, Cobra Skulls, Hot Water Music, Wilco, Anti-Flag, Jane's Addiction, etc etc etc all releasing albums... not to mention the three bands I'm about to talk about.
Holy cow mang.

The ones I'm most stoked on - or at least the ones I'm most stoked on that I have found streams of already - are Saves The Day, Joey Briggs and Nothington.

It's so weird hearing Saves The Day now... it's been a while since I've listened to them and the vocals are a complete shocker compared to the deep grizzly shit I've been head over heels for lately. However, I'm immediately reminded of how much I love the band after hearing this new album. It's the same old Saves The Day but a different me. And different me still loves good old Saves The Day, even the new old Saves The Day aka this album. Huh.

Ah Joey Briggs. Hands down one of my favourite albums of 2011, and I've only heard it once so far. I thought I was a huge Briggs fan - well, I AM a huge Briggs fan, I didn't just think it - but hearing this solo venture of his just blows the Briggs love right out of the water that is my heart. KABLAMO!

NOTHINGTON!!!!! Funny, this week all I've been listening to on my new walk to work is this band, and I was planning on writing a blurb about how much I love them this morning but forgot/got lazy. Listening to their 6 new songs up on punknews I'm in my own form of heaven eventhoughimatwork and I couldn't be more impressed with their new material. It's always relatively scary being as judgemental as I am and hearing one of your favourite bands new albums because there's a good chance of disappointment... unless the band is as fucking delicious as Nothington. GODDAMN.
I want them to put their musical dick in me, or if they'd let me I'd like to put my lady dick in their music. Just the tip? Nah. The whole damn thing.

I'm Sarah Etc.