Catching up with Swim Agency - Villa Rosa and Mayda Reviewz!

I've had these emails sitting in my inbox since September 9th, OOPSIEDAISY, sorry Swim Agency! They're pimping a hip hop duo featuring Muja Messiah & Maria Isa called Villa Rosa and a poppy R&B broad named Mayda. I'm going to be a dick again (my M.O. as of late) and throw these two reviews together in a cuter, shorter, lazier package that is this one post.

Villa Rosa impress me easily with Muja's peanut-butter-smooth flow and good-enough-for-K-OS beats. "So Far Away" makes me think of TLC and that's cool. Some of the lyrics are high school trivial, and not the sort of high school I went to, the ones with cheerleaders and football stars that I can't relate to at all, but in these cases the music plays a bully, shoving the lyrical content to the side and demanding full attention. And I avoid the high school drama headache, thank goodness.
I particularly love the Latin touch to the music. It's like Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and I used to love that soundtrack believe it or not. It makes an otherwise generic light hearted hip hop album stand out as something more, something different, something more intriguing. Sometimes the repetitive nature of the chorus' kill me, but all in all I enjoy the album.

Mayda is borderline too poppy for me at first but has this attitude about her that keeps me open minded and eventually wins me over with the end of "The Panthers" and especially "Now". She's got this new age soul sound to her, but with a lot of pop accompaniment, electronics, and a surprisingly lot of rock. There's something about the high notes she hits and how she sings that just draw me in completely to a style that I haven't appreciated since the 90's. She's a younger version of Robyn's newer style. I'm shocked to say that I think I love it. That's pretty astounding considering....

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