I put the ASS in procrASStination. (PART ONE)

Wow. Dear bands/PRs who I promised reviews to way back in, like, July. I AM SO SORRY! I have been busy to the power of fucked for the last couple of months, from leaving on vacation to packing to moving to unpacking to going home for my mom's birthday to getting my teeth pulled... all of which has taken up any and all weekends/week nights that I have had free. All the while juggling friends, boyfriend, new roommate fun, finally having NETFLIX for the first time ever and putting on shows to going to shows... ON TOP OF a full time job that takes everything out of me on a daily basis.
Once again though, I AM SO SORRY!!
Right now I'm on leave from work due to being loopy as fuck after getting my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago.
Yesterday I sat down to try to work on these super late reviews plus a few interviews that I NEED to write asap and ended up not quite able to focus on the screen and instead fell asleep.
It may happen again today.... :s

Anyway, I apologize again because I'm going to have to lump together a few reviews at a time in able to be able to catch up even slightly on my lengthy 'TO DO' list. And therefore these reviews won't be too long, or deep... or good. bah!

Sharks Come Cruisin' - A Past We Forget That We Need To Know
Loved them within the first 10 seconds of the first song on the album. They sound like a drunken celtic-themed pirate party (that's a celtic theme party thrown by pirates, in other words) who have drank all their meanness away and are just so full of jolly liquor that they're all joining together in song... singing some traditional tunes and some of their very own (these are talented pirates!) all with melodies to walk-the-plank for. I love it.

On a scale of flaccid to boner, mine is RRRRRR-agin' after hearing this album. (oh that was bad, so bad.)

Carmel Mikol - Creature
Carmel Mikol is a folk singer/songwriter from Cape Breton whose silky sweet voice is begging to put me to sleep in this doped up mess my mind is in, yet the rootsy guitar rock backed with some banjo/mandolin here and there is far too entertaining to let me slip into slumber, even during the slower tracks. There is something so soothing about her music, it makes me feel like I'm sitting in a rocking chair in front of her and her guitar while she sings to me intimately rocking me back and forth with her foot while she strums. Her upbeat country-infused tracks like "Made" are my favourite, reminding me of Neko Case way back in the days of The Virginian. Love!

On a scale of flaccid to boner you could use my dick as the stake in a game of horseshoes.

Machinefiend - Sick In Space
Machinefiend is a friend of mines progressive electronic solo project. He's typically an electronic producer, and generally a music genius. Seriously. He's done the whole punk band thing, hip hop thing, electronic thing AND even the whole songs about cheese thing. All of which have been awesome. My favourite though would have to be this one, Machinefiend. Despite the fact that I'm not the craziest electronic music fan I actually like this genre creation of his better than say punk which we all know I love. It's just so, HIM. It's not so much what he does best but what he does naturally. And he is naturally fucking awesome at this progressive electronic thing.
Maybe it's the drugs talking right now (this is really the best time for me to be reviewing this, heh) but this album is taking me with it on a surreal journey every time I close my eyes and just focus on it.
I'm not going to lie, that joint I just smoked is probably half responsible for that.
I just... I think it's so fucking cool, this album. Excuse my lack of electronic knowledge here, but sometimes words don't need to be big or smart-sounding to get across what you're trying to say. Again, this is COOL!
I am actually infatuated with it right now, something that is always awkward for me to say about somebody I know.
It's becoming quite an obsession for me right now, so I think I'm going to stop writing about it and just listen to it again and again and again......

On a scale of flaccid to boner, this pocket rocket is ready for launch in 5, 4, 3, 2...

I'm Sarah. I am surprised I stayed awake this long.