The Lucky Ones and Nothington at the Cobra Skulls Show!

So I wasn't planning on reviewing this show because I'm uber-behind as it is and I was interviewing the Cobra Skulls but when I found out The Lucky Ones were playing I decided to put in some effort and make notes, and post said notes. Why? Because the drummer is from Cobourg, gotta represent!

Lucky ones
-Cobourg drummer represent!!
-singer had a shirt that said "shut up and drink" on the back and I obliged every time he turned around.... Oh playing drinking games with yourself.
-some songs reminded me of Lars fronted Rancid songs
-entertaining singer sans instrument
-reminded me of the loved ones with davie havoc singing almost, only less vocal theatrics
-Briggs-like. love that band
-new album in a month'ish
-new songs tantalizing guitar
-very oi says Alicia from SPITFIST

-everything I ever dreamed
-drummer so into it while drumming
-drummer like family guy's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men

-singer loves fans, fist bumps, playing right among them away from mic, cheersing
-first songs all my favs, wait all are favs
-first time in Canada
-blown away that they look my age
-fucking love new songs
-had to pee so bad but couldn't leave :|
-played everything I wanted to hear
-when sweat drips from ceiling you have a successful show
-met one dude in cobra skulls van (sounds slutty) when doing interview, stoked on life!
-so happy I could puke
-fans on stage singing last song, they took over, mics moved back , welcome to Canada!!
-band left after set singer stayed on played super old song along, so cool!! Drummer too!

And let me just say that Cobra Skulls rocked my face off, check out my interview HERE.

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