The Mommyheads keep Mommyhead'in!

Wow. The Mommyheads are only a year younger than I am.
Well, minus a decade when they were on hiatus though, so technically 11 years younger than I am. Which no longer seems like a big deal, D'OH!
What IS a big deal tho is the entire 90's decade.
And the bringing-back-of-it in this new Mommyheads album Delicate Friction.
Tho it's a clear call back to the music of my youth they somehow use their jazz and R&B elements to sound completely modern and indie. Only the technical aspects speak to their age through tightness and genius construction. It's simply impossible to mistake this album for a band of this era solely based on years of experience exuding thru each song.
For me this album is the type that boggles my mind with how good it really is, and how perfectly it fits in the hand of all of my current musical obsessions.

I'm cursing the fact that i have to go grocery shopping and can't continue sitting on my fat ass just flushing my face with coffee and bowlz (not toilet) listening to this album over and over.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.