Neon Indian @ Lee's Palace

Fresh from a rainy cottage getaway my omgbfomg and I headed to Lee's Palace to check out the Neon Indian show.
We couldn't have picked a bigger musical contrast to the tv-less rustic-on-the-lake experience than the smoookey (smokey+spooky) sold out electro 'dance-me-a-river' party that was Lee's Palace to end the vacation.
What I expected was some head boppin', stoner-vibin' electronic to sway along and trip ballz to.
What I got was a shit ton of fog, lights, hips and hands in the urrr.
Full on dance party.
And surprisingly?
I loved it.
The singer reminded me of Danny Zuko meets Michael Jackson, but with a hint of zombie (from MJ presumably), and at some points during the show it sounded like he may have taken over as frontman of Yeasayer... a band who hasn't left my ITunes playlist since seeing them back in wheneverthefucktheywereherelast.
The dance-your-butt-off attitude each song demanded was right on par with the mix I made for the long drive home that allowed me too many 'Sarah dance in ma seat' moments. Let's just say I am thankful to have had more time to get that girly energy out of my system for now!
Funny enough, my omfgbfomfg who is a much bigger fan than I am wasn't nearly as impressed by the show as moi.
I think that might say more about the show than anything.

*was forbidden to take pictures, wah!*

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