The Reveling - Tributaries

Check out The Reveling's latest album Tributaries, that is if you like any of that 90's punk rock that was, uh, COOL as opposed to today's emo crap.
So many bands nowadayz can't seem to get the 'pop' and the 'punk' to work together and end up sounding like some top 40 poppy emo baby garbage and frankly I'm really tired of it.
As soon as I heard the first track off this album I leaned back, breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and thought FINALLY no more of that ****ity (I'll get in trouble if I use that word, even if I don't mean it like that, and I don't want to offend... WELL, I do, but not in that way, even if half my friends are ***) crap.
These guys actually remind me so much of Alkaline Trio, and hints of other bands of that era. THE GOOD ERA.
Listening to the album makes me want to stand up to somebody or something, I have no idea what or why. It also immediately crushes that notion by making me feel like I would fail if I tried and just end up regretting it. Ha! As depressing as it is I LOVE IT. It makes you FEEL what they're singing about. And no matter how sad the lyrics get the album itself makes me happy happy happy, because it's good good good.
WARNING: Band may cause uncontrollable foot tapping issues.
ONLY PRESCRIPTION: Stand up and rock out.

On a scale of flaccid to boner this album begins with an immediate half chub and by the end of it you’ve splooged twice, and are in the process of jerking another one out.

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