Vacation Anticipation!

Guess who's on vacation as of 5pm today!
And before I go I have a couple neat EP's to tell you about.

The first is by a band called Beside Myself from California. They're this alt-rock-punk outfit and their vocals are my all-time favourite. Each voice has that punk rock edge to it that tweaks my heart with each drawn out line. Instrumentally everything about the band makes me happy too, especially the punky bass. If you've heard of The Regime, or read about them on this 'ol thang, you'll probably like this new band with a couple of The Regime members. The two bands definitely vary in sound a bit but as far as the boner scale goes they're both full on stiffys. The only negative thing I have to say is this EP is WAY too short. Can't wait for more!

Next up is a band called Trails with their self-titled EP. These guys have a more technical post-alt-rock-punk with some dance vibes thrown in. They sound like Minus the Bear picked up Bloc Party at a bar one night, got it drunk, threw it in, Bloc Party got preggo and decided to keep the baby. Minus the Bear clearly acted like a real man, accepted responsibility for the child and had a huge hand in raising it in todays music scene - judging by their sound anyway. I approve of this child and how it was raised. I think this lil guy is going to make a big mark someday soon. SEXcuse my perversion in talking about boners and babies, but this one really hardens my wood, yeah.

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