Christien Summers, Psychic Disco Pop Extraordinaire!

Okay, weird. I threw on this Christien Summers EP Cloud One, poured myself a drank and sat down just in time to hear her sexysweet voice tell me to "have a drink" and let myself unwind.
The title of this EP speaks for itself.. fuck Bryan Adams all the way over there on cloud nine, we're on cloud one with Christien Summers, and we're dreaming in disco.
Electro pop combined with the sounds of the 70's, and layered with the perfect female vocals to bind the two styles effortlessly into one new, remarkable sound.
I love it.
Now excuse me while I pick out some loud clothes in awkward combinations.

Download the Cloud One EP for FREE here.

*NOTE: I've now listened to it 7 times in a row.*

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