Drones, not to be confused with The Drones, who I indeed confused them with.

No bother, both Drones bands are good. Very different, but good.
This Drones (sans the 'The') is a punk band from somewhere in England.
They sound like a an orgy of Anti-Flag, Pennywise and Strike Anywhere.
All bands I love.
All bands I've heard soooo many times.
Which gives Drones a one up on all of them because they're fresh. And somehow the combination of all my favourite bands becomes new favourite band potential... which may sound like an obvious conclusion to some but more often than not when your sound consists of a bunch of other bands sounds who are as epic as the 3 I just listed your sound just can't compare.
I can't believe how well these guys pull it off though.
They've got a ton more comparisons all of which I can link back to my list of top 20 favourite bands. And still the more I listen to Drones the more I want to pass on listening to any single one of my favs in exchange for only hearing this one album, maybe not for ever but for a very long time.
Impeccable punk rock of 2011.
I can't believe it.

Check them out here.

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