Gimme Gimme More (Carlo Meriano) Gimme More (Carlo Meriano) Gimme Gimme More (Carlo Meriano)

I had a huge fight with my space-less computer while trying to transfer this album (Carlo Meriano - Sticka Ikebana) into my Itunes.
The gloves were close to coming off, I had to delete my Back To The Future game progress in order to convince the son of a bitch to let me move some shit'rrund. (I am mac illiterate, fyi.) Luckily that worked (guess I was pretty far harr harr) otherwise it would have gotten violent. And although my computer may have more smrtz than me, it's still limbless... muahaha. fists.
*picture this picture that I am far too shitty at life to make: a computer dressed as Little Red Riding Hood in the scene with the Wolf dressed up as the grandma, only in this case it's not a wolf it's ME, and my arms, and Little Red Riding Hood Computer spots my arms and there's a speech bubble with her saying "My what big arms you have" and the wolf replies "The better to beat you with" and then beats LMRH's screen to pieces and throws her against the wall.

I have no idea what I'm doing or saying.

Carlo Meriano. Fucking awesome.
I'm glad I didn't eat my computer, hearing the album now is worth all the trouble it took to get it to my ears.
I would attempt to describe it in some failure of a way but I just stumbled upon their facebook page and read this, the best description ever:
Carlo Meriano sings like a sci-fi novel, with a cadence combining barroom-spoken word and black-tie pop. With a musical itinerary that travels from the twilight zone, to truck drivers, to an impending alien invasion; these sounds ask you to stay awhile, drink another round, let them invade your dreams, which still hold the taste for rich fare... Ikebana offers a gratification that lingers and grows.
Dude. Twilight Zone. 'Nuff said. I couldn't have said it better myself although I wish I did.
(Also) influenced by Elliot Smith, Moldy Peaches, Johnny Cash, Magnetic Fields and often featuring a ukulele, harmonica, lap steel, violin, banjo and glockenspiel it almost creates an obvious mathematical explanation as to where this twangy indie rock band got their sound.... the sum of all influences divided by the sum of all instruments, multiplied by the percentage of random in the Twilight Zone equals Carlo Meriano.

Makes sense to me.
The album has this sort of haunting enthusiasm to each song which makes my stomach knot up with an obsessed hunger for as much Carlo Meriano as I can get my hands on.
Now I know what B Spears was talking about in her "gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme more" song, NOT dick or drugs, but perhaps Carlo Meriano?

It rhymes. Nuff said pt 2.

Check out Carlo Meriano HERE.

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