merry 2011

This is probably going to be my last post of 2011
whoaaa nelly, hold on to yo grillz

two things:
happy fucking holidaysizz.
i will not be bothering with caps in this post. caps are on vacation, along with my brain. sack tit.

let's talk about 2011, because everybody is doing it.

without a doubt the best show i saw in the past year was the jim jones revue at the horseshoe.

the worst show i saw was breaching vista also at the horseshoe.

way to go horseshoe, lovin' tha varietay !

some of my favourite albums of 2011, judging only by the reviews on this site, have been:
the decemberists - the king is dead
the acb's - stone rosa
arpline - travel book
black lips - arabia mountain
junior battles - idol ages
poison control center - stranger ballet
king louie's missing monuments - painted white

my favourite comeback was by the mommyheads with their new album delicate friction.

the saddest news of 2011 was that the roman line broke up... :(

and i've got to mention spitfist somewhere in here because boy did they blow up over the past year... i mean... from parts and labour to opening for the headstones at sound academy... holy shit!

i remember developing a huge obsession with this song for a super long time.

catchiest song of 2011

however, this remix gives that song a run for it's bling

shout out to this song thoz.

and the band NOT from 2011 who got the most plays apparently since the beginning of the year who i haven't ever mentioned... the kills.

i'm sarah i do what i want

Young Rival at Garrison... The Musical Centipede.

The Young Rival show last night at The Garrison was fucking awesome.
I wasn't sure if I'd end up staying long enough to see them, even though I missed them the last time they were here because the prospect of FREE LIQUOR at another bar obviously won me over. This time I was a the show to see The Coppertone (great fucking band, check them out) for werk purposes and I was sick and exhausted and still unable to feel the effects of liquor - #immunity , #detoxinorder - and therefore in a generally 'whatever' sort of mood about the whole being out at a show thing. It wasn't until they began to play that I realized that my feet were planted and I wasn't going anywhere.
How could I?
I must have forgotten how good they were when I was debating leaving.. Srrrriously stupid of me.
I am entirely glad I didn't, even if I'm that much more exhausted this morning. At least my sickness seems to have stepped aside... must have been the tequila. What doesn't get you drunk, makes you healthier.
Anyway, Young Rival were kind of like Portugal. The Man -the singers voice sounded so much like the Portugal. singer but ONLY when heard from the bathroom....not that I spent a lot of time there or anything #worstbladderinlife- and The Black Lips, if their music was people...and these people were abducted by that crazy German man who likes to sew ones face(mouth) to anothers buttocks. The food that is fed through the first mouth, digested, and passed through via bunghole to the next mouth, and repeated, would be Young Rival.
And if you think I'm comparing Young Rival to shit you're wrong. You clearly just don't get the brilliance of my statement.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Mark Sultan / Strange Attractor / Dustin Bentall / Catl

What a weekend! Toronto pretty much rocks sometimes tho eh.
Mark Sultan with Strange Attractor on Friday, Dustin Bentall AND Catl on Saturday.
And lots and lots of w*** and w***. (pssst, one of those is 'wine' and the other is NOT wizz, although there was probably a lot of that too because of the wine.)

First of all, Mark Sultan for $5 at P&L. Talk about dealz, amiright?
He was goddamn awesome, despite the fact that I couldn't see him even on my tippiest of toes, and the place was so packed that if the people on either side of you were dancing - which they were - then you had no choice but to dance too, but without expelling any effort of your own. The only downfall was that I wasn't quite drunk enough compared to most of the people in the crowd, and when you can't see anything happening on stage it's imperative that you drink your way into blind dance mode... especially when the music is that of Mr. Mark Sultan... and unfortunately for me I have been having troubles getting legit drunk lately (DAMN YOU SUPER HIGH TOLERANCE, I'D BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU!) and because my budget didn't allow 5 more shots of jager it just wasn't going to happen for me that night.
Needless to say Sultan killed it regardless, but it was Strange Attractor who played first who actually blew my fucking mind, sinking the battle ship of my brain in one fucking shot. THEY WERE SO SO SO GOOD. Punk rock mofo's. Holy cow, man. My apologies for having nothing more to say about how fucking amazing they were, one of the w*** 's took it's toll on my memory of this performance and I'm left with only bits and pieces of the pure awesomeness that was their set.

On Saturday Dustin Bentall played for FREE at Cameron House. I never thought I'd get a chance to see him let alone for FREE and it pretty much made my life, even if I didn't stay too long because the place filled up like a crack whore's veins when the welfare cheques go out. Oh snap.

Catl played at the Silver Dollar as well on Saturday making it one hell of a twangy night for which I couldn't have been more pleased (that's the Cobourg in me talking!). This is the first time I've seen them since that epic Halloween show a couple years ago at the Garrison when I was introduced to them. That was such an amazing experience that I was a little bit nervous that seeing them in normal attire headlining wouldn't live up to the memory I have of them in costume between sets that magical night. BUT they did. They lived up to the memory and ended up impressing me more than ever without any Halloween gimmicks, just straight up bluesy rock n country. I mean, it says a LOT about a band who can entertain the shit out of a crowd with 2/3rds of them sitting. The drummer sitting is a given, but with the front man stationary for most of the performance yet still more exciting to watch than many bands I've seen with their singers constantly moving. The chick on the keys was the most fun to watch though as she slammed her instrument in such an encouraging way that even I was imagining her, myself, and a different kind of slamming going on after the show... me and every guy in the room I'm sure.

Sorry for the crappy picture quality... totally forgot my camera at home, WHOMP.

PS. Check out this army of misfit toys... totally going to come to life and kill us all. AHH!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

CHILDISH GAMBINO, The Joke's On WHO? + Raz Fresco, The Next Big Thing.

I don't get it.
He's a comedian. He's not retarded. Yet.... his music...
My bf and I are certain that he's pulling everyone's legs, yanking their chains, tugging on their dicks... however, not a single person I have talked to about this agrees.
I think maybe they just don't get/appreciate Danny Glover's true humour enough to understand the JOKE OF ALL JOKES which is his "serious" rap career.
OR Maybe we give him too much credit based on his character in Community, and maybe in real life he just IS as lame and dumb as his rap persona makes him appear (okay okay so I know that he's got a million die hard Lil Wayne/Drake loving fans who think he's the hottest shit to hit the commercial hip hop toilet since, well, Drake and Lil Wayne, but they're all retarded anyway so their opinions are nul) BUT COME ON.
He can't be serious, he just can't be, I stand by the fact that he's way too smart for that, and that he's just a comedic genius proving how stupid this style of music (DRAKE) is and how easy it is to spit rhymes that make no sense and get popular.

Here are 10 of the MANY lines that I believe back me up.
1. And my clique make that dinero, so it's time to meet the fuckers (this reasoning is suffice..)

2. Are there Asian girls here? Minority Report ('here' is def not China, or Japan, or Thailand, or Korea... ETC ETC ETC)

3. I got some pussy that was insane, so insane, it's an enemy of Batman (this screams Community)

4. It's Monster shit, you dude's are the opposite of Lochnesses (what IS the opposite of A REGULAR FISH? TUNA?)

5. Respond to this, we can squash the beef right now like sausages (I would have gone with hamburgers but okay)

6. So she don't get embarrassed, my dick is made of carrots (say what?)

7. In the back of the bush, like Gavin Rossdale's drummer (hahahahaha clever)

8. Took the G out your waffle, all you got left is your ego (huh?)

9. An elephant never forgets, so my dick remembers everything (brainz)

10. clique should be cancelled, Freaks and Geeks (OH SNAP)

On to some rappers with real potential.
Raz Fresco is a Toronto MC/Producer that's rocking the shit out of the whole Odd Future style without all the bullshit media hype games, and at only 15 too. My buddy showed me a few of his videos the other day and it's quite obvious that he's going to be huge. Just wait for it.

Check it out.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

What boy band did YOU like best?

I came to the conclusion this morning as I reminisced at the top of my lungs to 5ive that the boy bands you listened to as a pre-teen probably had a lot more effect on your music taste now than you think.

Example. This was my favourite 5ive song. It involves horns, a good beat (haha), and a bit of rapping. Plus many beautiful harmonies. Some attitude, and a whole lot of pop.


I am bored of this post already. Really I just wanted a semi-legit reason to post that song and still maintain SOME credit. Hehehe.

The Painted Lady Ruins Lives. (Or rather just bands if I lose the dramatic)

Seriously fuck that place. I fucking hate it.
I knew going there to see Carlo Meriano last night would be a bad idea. But Carlo's coolness acted as swift kick in the butt forceful enough that I actually entered the dreaded hipster hell hole. And I was excited about it until I realized that the band hadn't even hit the stage yet though I showed up at the exact time they were supposed to start. Granted technical difficulties were rumoured to have prolonged the band before from playing their set on time, which happens. However, a hole fucking hour later in that disgusting shoe box of a venue squished up against a pile of coats taking up a horribly placed chair seemed like a ridiculously long time to wait for a guy who was started off his set solo. Finally he hit the stage and my mood struggled to improve as the thick framed moustached crowd surged forward around me into the NO SPACE that was precariously strewn around a few unnecessary tables right in front of the stage. Stop having shows there, aside from low key cafe style solo artists performing not to a crowd at the front but to a busy bar, seriously, and if you insist on it then move those fucking tables so that you can fit more than 3 people in a damn row. GAWWWWHHHDDD. Short people have no business being in that place during a show, for realz.
ANYHOO, as if the whole venue+crowd+waiting wasn't bad enough Carlo's brother got on stage and wasted more time talking about shit that only friends of him or his bro would give a shit about instead of just playing some damn music, and when he finished I was bombarded with an annoying Christmas cover to start the set. EW. Enough is enough. By this time my attention was fully lost on this performance and zero'd in on falafel, but I reminded myself just how fucking awesome his album was when I reviewed it and literally FORCED myself to stand still for 2 more songs, the second which was actually pretty cute but slightly boring without the rest of the band, and the third being another stupid Christmas song that I might actually have appreciated if I was happy at the show or at least in a better venue. I couldn't take anymore at that point and when that song finished and gave way to more talking I knew I had to get out of there. The end. And by the way I didn't get my falafel because of how late it was on a Sunday. DAMN YOU PAINTED LADY, DAMMMNNN YOUUUUUU.

Now look. None of this is a reflection of Carlo Meriano, I still think he's damn good and am going to see him at Sneaky Dee's where the people AND the venue are far superior to this dirty ditch of a bar, and I will ACTUALLY review it then. For now, fuck the Painted Lady. See a summary of my thoughts below.

Picture of legs and BUTT: Awesome.
Tits: Awesome.
Door guy: Awesome.
Bartender: Awesome.
Carlo Meriano: Awesome.
Christmas songs he played: Not Awesome. - Although may have been awesome elsewhere.
Carlo's Bro: Not Awesome.
Set Up Time: Not Awesome.


Then play (hey hey! look at me rhyming away! I should be a rapprrr, h'okay!) Belle & Sebastian's album The Life Pursuit and despite the fact that it's raining, and you're exhausted, and TTC blows an ocean sized load all over every Torontonian's face every single Doggdamn morning. All that will wash away, as soon as you play, this album, h'okay?

I'm Sarah, I do what I want today.

Tupper Ware Remix Party at Bovine!

I went to see the "intergalactic electro dance metal" (according to their FACEBOOK) band Tupper Ware Remix Party last night at the Bovine where they have a weekly Wednesday night residency, and holy shit.
They were awesome.
Go see them.
AND it was free. So like, what the fuck are you waiting for.
They are the perfect combination of heavy Iron Maiden rock for the dudes and MDMA influenced danceable electro for the ladies. If you're looking for a cheap date idea take them bitches to Bovine for this show - a fuck fest is guaranteed if you do.
Unfortunately last night the huge crowd thinned out unexpectedly before the end of their set... I guess some people just can’t appreciate flawlessly good music without being able to sing along to something. For me the costumes and the stage gimmicks were enough to satisfy my short attention span. To those who left - you're all retarded. Stop pretending to be into music. Do your friends a favour and admit to loving JBiebs and go jump off a bridge. Baby baby baby AWWWW shat the fack ap.

Tupper Ware Remix Party rule. That is all.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.