merry 2011

This is probably going to be my last post of 2011
whoaaa nelly, hold on to yo grillz

two things:
happy fucking holidaysizz.
i will not be bothering with caps in this post. caps are on vacation, along with my brain. sack tit.

let's talk about 2011, because everybody is doing it.

without a doubt the best show i saw in the past year was the jim jones revue at the horseshoe.

the worst show i saw was breaching vista also at the horseshoe.

way to go horseshoe, lovin' tha varietay !

some of my favourite albums of 2011, judging only by the reviews on this site, have been:
the decemberists - the king is dead
the acb's - stone rosa
arpline - travel book
black lips - arabia mountain
junior battles - idol ages
poison control center - stranger ballet
king louie's missing monuments - painted white

my favourite comeback was by the mommyheads with their new album delicate friction.

the saddest news of 2011 was that the roman line broke up... :(

and i've got to mention spitfist somewhere in here because boy did they blow up over the past year... i mean... from parts and labour to opening for the headstones at sound academy... holy shit!

i remember developing a huge obsession with this song for a super long time.

catchiest song of 2011

however, this remix gives that song a run for it's bling

shout out to this song thoz.

and the band NOT from 2011 who got the most plays apparently since the beginning of the year who i haven't ever mentioned... the kills.

i'm sarah i do what i want