Tupper Ware Remix Party at Bovine!

I went to see the "intergalactic electro dance metal" (according to their FACEBOOK) band Tupper Ware Remix Party last night at the Bovine where they have a weekly Wednesday night residency, and holy shit.
They were awesome.
Go see them.
AND it was free. So like, what the fuck are you waiting for.
They are the perfect combination of heavy Iron Maiden rock for the dudes and MDMA influenced danceable electro for the ladies. If you're looking for a cheap date idea take them bitches to Bovine for this show - a fuck fest is guaranteed if you do.
Unfortunately last night the huge crowd thinned out unexpectedly before the end of their set... I guess some people just can’t appreciate flawlessly good music without being able to sing along to something. For me the costumes and the stage gimmicks were enough to satisfy my short attention span. To those who left - you're all retarded. Stop pretending to be into music. Do your friends a favour and admit to loving JBiebs and go jump off a bridge. Baby baby baby AWWWW shat the fack ap.

Tupper Ware Remix Party rule. That is all.

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