Young Rival at Garrison... The Musical Centipede.

The Young Rival show last night at The Garrison was fucking awesome.
I wasn't sure if I'd end up staying long enough to see them, even though I missed them the last time they were here because the prospect of FREE LIQUOR at another bar obviously won me over. This time I was a the show to see The Coppertone (great fucking band, check them out) for werk purposes and I was sick and exhausted and still unable to feel the effects of liquor - #immunity , #detoxinorder - and therefore in a generally 'whatever' sort of mood about the whole being out at a show thing. It wasn't until they began to play that I realized that my feet were planted and I wasn't going anywhere.
How could I?
I must have forgotten how good they were when I was debating leaving.. Srrrriously stupid of me.
I am entirely glad I didn't, even if I'm that much more exhausted this morning. At least my sickness seems to have stepped aside... must have been the tequila. What doesn't get you drunk, makes you healthier.
Anyway, Young Rival were kind of like Portugal. The Man -the singers voice sounded so much like the Portugal. singer but ONLY when heard from the bathroom....not that I spent a lot of time there or anything #worstbladderinlife- and The Black Lips, if their music was people...and these people were abducted by that crazy German man who likes to sew ones face(mouth) to anothers buttocks. The food that is fed through the first mouth, digested, and passed through via bunghole to the next mouth, and repeated, would be Young Rival.
And if you think I'm comparing Young Rival to shit you're wrong. You clearly just don't get the brilliance of my statement.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.