Can I Get A Little More Meanwood Please!? - random fan in audience

Set the scene: The Dakota in Toronto, a flashback to country bars of the past. You almost picture all the city folk decked out in cowboy boots and hats, and you can almost hear the saloon doors swing shut as you enter.
The perfect place for Meanwood's EP release.
How I'd never heard about the rockin' bluesy alt-cunt band before now is a crying shame.
They are everything my little heart desires. They are like the love child prodigy of Buffalo Springfield and Neko Case (Virginian era) - who Meanwood's singer sounded SO MUCH like - combined with all of my favourite elements ie: banjo, harmonica etc etc etc, clap-alongs, sing-alongs, and even foot-stomp-alongs.
I fell in love with the beautifully awkward singer (Not Neko I'll call her) as she talked about clenching her butt and jokingly drew attention to my boyfriend (WHY NOT MEEEE) in between songs. Hilarious. #Heartz. And obviously her voice was incredible to merit comparisons to Neko Case, a fact proven all over again when she whipped out a flawless Etta James cover.
Not to forget about the rest of the band and their revolving door of musical instruments, and barnfulls of talent.
Everything about them was fantastic.
They played two sets, the second of it I was debating staying for due to work the next morning, but when it came time for the break in between there was no question that I was staying to hear the rest. You don't walk out on a band like that. It's like the spurs on your boots are stuck in the floor.


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