Christien Summers at the Horseshoe

I totally wasn't going to review this show on account of my terrible laziness but finally seeing Christien Summers live blew me away like the violent winds of Twister that carried the poor wittle cow to it's death. RIP Cow.
I wrote about my appreciation for their EP some time ago, but on Saturday night they introduced me to a handful of new songs that haven't been recorded yet, all of which made me shit my pants with a giant turd of love.
One in particular - something to do with going to the beach - forced me to start jotting down notes for this review after it straight up murdered me with awesome.
Their stage presence is impressively captive for a newer band and I could easily imagine them opening for Cyndi Lauper (who they reminded me of lots) or even Madonna.

It was a disco dance party for the blogs, and somehow has me listening to The Rapture's In The Grace Of Your Love nonstop now, wishing it was Christien Summers future album-to-be. But without disappointment because this Rapture album is the fucking breastsss.

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