Corners at Lee's Palace

Let it be known that I am completely sober as I write this.
I was also completely sober at this show.
That's right. And I'm writing my review asap, because I want to, because I'm sober, and because the show has inspired me to.
The band was Corners and they played at Lee's Palace less than an hour ago.
I would describe them as a post-rock-rock-ambient-rock-rock band. Rock. on.
Fact: They reminded me of Radiohead, long ago.
Fact: I don't like Radiohead. But I like Corners. So does that mean Corners are better than Radiohead? (Correct answer: WHO ISN'T!)
Fact: There are 4 members. Therefore 4 CORNERS. Therefore, the band is square?
Fact: Square has never sounded so good.
Fact: Watching Corners perform is like ordering milk at Hooters. Whatever that means. (I don't really know, I just wanted to say that to be honest.)

Fact: This review has become far too factual.

I loved the singer of this band. He had a fantastic voice, and his stage presence was altogether enduring. Standing front and center with his keyboard(etc) and his mic, with his arms crossed in front of him most of the time, until he went for the keys, casually tossing the mic over one shoulder while he focused on playing.
What would never in a million years work for 99% of other frontmen, worked for him.
And both guitarist and bassist were mesmerizing to watch as they rocked back and forth.
There wasn't a whole lot of movement on stage but somehow it worked for them.
There was enough movement on the drums to make up for it.
It all worked. Everything.
I expected to be waiting for the show to end as soon as it started, I've been sick and was already out at another show before Lee's and almost didn't make it.
That was the last thing I wanted by the end of it.
So here I am, at 1:40am, still up, still feeling sick, and still listening to Corners.
Check them out here.

PHOTO CRED: Vanessa Markov

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