Hey Look Ma, I'm Writing Again!

Got some new music to talk about, quickly and poorly.

Language of Termites
I'm not quite sure how to describe this band other than 'sensual'. Female fronted, with the music taking a backseat to the vocals acting sort of like a cradle, rocking the pretty lyrics back and forth from ear to ear. It's not really pop, it's not really rock, and it's not really ambient, but it kind of incorporates all of those into one gorgeous sounding band that reminds me of dreaming. I can't decide if they make me happy or sad. My ears are happy. My heart is sad. And my brain just doesn't know which to follow. The deciding point is that they're really great, and that makes my brain decide to follow my ears.
Check them out on their facebook page where you can download their album for FREE!

Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine
Ska! Ska! Ska!
Who doesn't like ska!
Well, a shitload of unfun people that's who.
I, personally, LOVE it.
I have always loved it and will always love it.
I'm really impressed by Eli Whitney &etc. because they remind me of when I fell in love with ska punk. And more importantly, WHY.
They are really fucking good. Like Fat Wreck Chords good.
They have horns in all the right places. Yet, even if they lost the horns and decided to just be a straight up punk band they would still be good, with great vocals, great lyrics, great everything. I love when the gal vocals come in. They remind me a lot of my old favourite ska/punk band The Busdrivers.
Check them out on their facebook.

Die Pretty
I'm kind of an asshole for agreeing to do this review. I knew I wouldn't like this band too much. I think I posted something of theirs before but didn't actually review it because I was being nice. Or maybe I did and I've just changed my mind and dislike this new music of theirs. Either way, I'm not really a fan. It reminds me of every other female radio friendly non-threatening-but-trying-really-hard-to-be-threatening alt rock band dating back to Live On Release and Kitty, who combined basically sound like these guys. I don't know. It's not my thing. Although the beatz are OKay. I do think that personal opinion aside they will be liked by a lot of people, a lot of people who I don't like. Whatever. Check them out, but find them yourself. Werd zit titz.

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