It grew quicker and quicker, and louder and louder, every instant...

In my earlier post I vowed not to be a slave to the countless 'review this band' emails that are insistently beating against the floorboards of my subconscious, just sitting in my inbox unanswered... yet here I am some hours later about to discuss a band from the very next email I read after writing that post. HA. I guess that's a tell-tale sign of how great this band is.
They're called The Fight and the email caught my attention with comparisons to both The Constantines and Bruce Springsteen.
Sure enough I was blown away with the stoner-licious rock and roll creeping from speaker to ear as soon as I hit play on their bandcamp, snapping fingers with each step, tux'd out to the max.
If the word 'suave' could be used to describe a particular sub genre of 'rock n roll' this would be the band used as an example for the descriptor. Each track is perfectly seductive, removing metaphorical layers of clothing with each strum of the guitar, then finger banging the piss out of your ears once it's sufficiently bewitched you, around track #4.
At a whopping 12 track'r (which is growing more and more uncommon now that the EP has taken over) their album New Young Electric seems to end light-years too soon, demanding at least 3 listens in order to gain the satisfaction necessary for something so ear-ppealing. HEH.

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