Morning Thieves, go steal a sunrise !

Huh. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by the Morning Thieves Wrongside EP. I've heard about the band, mostly because I know one of the guys in the band, but didn't know what they were about until now. And wowza, these guys are the real shit. Fully developed, radio-ready, teen dream groovy with a spice of emo, rock.
It's not even the type of music I would normally find myself gravitating towards but it's a bit impossible to ignore the well-written addictingly-structured alt-rock and all its potential.
The strong vocals, pretty melodies and soft but edgy tunes is guaranteed to make panties wet - ... with pee, perverts.
I can't stop listening to the 4 songs over and over, and I keep shaking my head in disbelief of how solid it is each time.
Radio radio radio, radio radio radio.
They're going to be all over the radio.

I bet.

Check 'em out right urrr.

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