Finally. Punk rock is reclaiming possession of my ears and my heart (AWWWW) .
and of my VAGINA!
Thanks to the new Menzingers album stream (LISTEN TO IT HERE).
It may be a little bit of an emo, rocky start, literally, but it's a start nonetheless. While not my favourite from The Menzingers, I'm still enjoying each song, loving the vocals, and wanting to hear more. Although I'll probably opt for something a bit faster after this, as this album is just a wee bit of a downer.

Maybe I'll go for some older stuff, or some more Smoke or Fire which I haven't been able to stray from on my Ipod since my love for punk returned itself to me.

Speaking of punk, I can't wait for Pouzza Fest. I plan to come back from my lazy, far-to-busy-for-interviewing days with a vengeance, the way Castor Troy does when Travolta's character steals his face in Face/Off. Only I'm going to win back my own face, and the face of punk to come. HUZZA!... no wait, POUZZA!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


White Rabbits have done it again.
They're about to release Milk Famous, the follow up to one of my favourite albums ever from 2009, It's Frightening, and it's streaming on NPR right now.

It is fucking awesome.
This is the first song:


I can't get over this band. THEY ARE SOOO GOOD.

I'd have sex with their sound the way rabbits do.. which is LOTS.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Fires Of...............OF WHAT DAMMIT?

Aside from the name, I love this band. Not that I hate the name, but I don't love it. And I love the band.
Indie pop/rock from right here in Toronto!
My favourite thing about them is that the vocals are more of an instrument than the actual instruments.
Both male and female singers that add a bit of a country twang to the otherwise sexcellent poppityrockity music.
Emotionally symphonic build ups.
Expressive harmonious choruses.
Delicious euphonic verses.


Maybe you need to hear it first? CLICK HERE TO CUM!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Howling Hour, H'okay!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see the Foo Fighters vs. Every Time I Die in a mud wrasslin' match, with The Bronx on ref duties!?
Well, you may not be able to SEE what that's like ever but if you mosy on over to Howling Hour's Bandcamp page you can pretty much HEAR what that would sound like.

They're pretty toight, and the more I listen to their EP the more I like it.
They put the 'raw' in punk rawk. But with these unexpected catchy as shit hooks. You could even say they put the 'hit' in shit.

Now, throw on the EP and let's watch some real wrasslin'!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Check out Lower Dens

I've really taken a fancy to this band Lower Dens today. They aren't the most exciting group on the planet, but they are nonetheless entertaining in their lazy vocal'd spacy indie rock 'ness.. at least in the 3 songs on their facebook that I keep repeating over and over this morning. And they do rock out, quietly, but with purpose. The mountains background on their player really sets the perfect scene for listening. I picture the band alone among the grassy plains, the mountain'y backdrop contributing to their desolate rock outs. They sound like they are alone in the world. I feel like I'm alone while I'm listening to them, and it's a cool feeling to have.
Every time I picture being alone in the world I picture breaking into an ice cream store and creating the most magnificent ice cream cone with sprinkles galore.

Mmmmm sprinkles.

Check Lower Dens out here!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Good, The Bad and The Naked.

I just randomly found a list on my computer reminding me of the album reviews I was supposed to do WHO KNOWS WHEN. OOPS.
First on the list is a band called TNG. I almost gave up on doing reviews immediately when I heard them. But then I realized it has been a damn long time since I bashed some shitty band like they were snakes on Whacking Day.

First of all, I really hope TNG doesn't stand for Degrassi: The Next Generation.
However, if it's Star Trek I'll fully accept it and maybe even like the band a sliver. BUT THAT IS IT.
They just rub me the wrong way, like when you wipe your butt to the front and get the poops all over your sexy parts.
It's rock N' roll which I would normally love, but I just can't stand it from them. They sound like they are ripping off every rock n roll band already in existence and doing it poorly without ANY originality.
Except maybe in the nauseous vocals.
There is ONE track that is standable, "Ringing In My Head" is catchy and the voice doesn't make me want to throw up.
But it doesn't make me like them. I just can't. Too many bands have ruined this classic rock throwback for me lately and I"m on my last nerve.
It basically sounds like they're striving for a Guitar Hero game based on their album.
That I may play.
This album, I will not.

Excuse me while I get sidetracked listening to Enema Of The State for a few songs. For some reason this album has come back to haunt me lately, and though I thought I had heard each radio single enough for a lifetime I can't seem to get enough of them these days.

The Wandering Bears are the only other band on the list - TGFSL (thank Gruber for short lists).
Welcome the new obsession of my life. I'm so happy I decided to get some reviewin' done, this album is perfect to listen to today as the sun shines through my door. It's honestly one of the best things I've heard, like, practically ever. It's superb. Every single track appeals to a different part of my pleasure havers. The song "Michael May Dances Like A Man" just tickles the jizz outta my 'gina, it's so fucking catchy and delicious, and random. And the next song "Never Far Away" is just as good but in a different, foot stomping twangy way... and already I'm singing along as if I know it. and know it I will, real soon.
*creepy crazy laugh*
It's hard to pinpoint any one genre to describe their music.. sometimes super folky, sometimes Tegan & Sara sounding, sometimes a less foreign Kate Nash, sometimes hippie era old school, sometimes synthy, sometimes jazzy, sometimes both, sometimes indie sometimes rocky sometimes poppy never poopy.
With Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon influences listed on their FB.
And... there's mandolin.
It's amaz-dolin.
Honestly this band is already among my favourite bands of right this minute. Probably for a lot more minutes after this one.
And for the rest of this gorgeous sunny afternoon I'm making a playlist only consisting of The Wandering Bears, The ACB's and Blessed Feathers. Each of which deserve to be checked out ASAP. (psssst, just click on their names to do so!)

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

What The Fuck Does Bohemian Rhapsody Mean?

I realized just today that I have never really listened to the lyrics of "Bohemian Rhapsody", even though I've been singing along to each word since I was, like, 5 years old.
How have I NEVER once thought about what it meant?
It's everywhere.
Including this playlist I really like from 8tracks.com... even if it does start with S Club 7 and have that really creepy Toy Box song on it...

Sssso what if I love to sing along to that crap at almost 26 years old. Quit judgin' me n shiz.

Back to the ol' B R, did you know that there is an ENTIRE wiki page dedicated to it, with a full analysis of every part of the song, broken down for you. It's longer than most bands pages.

Shit son!

I still don't quite get it.

Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Lover Mother Mother Lover Mother Lover

You know, this song really soured me on Mother Mother when it came out..

But today my lovely IPODIZZLE reminded me of the Mother Mother that used to be / still is aHmazing.

And now I'm hooked like the cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer (and I Still Know, and I Will Always Know, and I Never Knew, and I Know Now, and I Forgot..)

Oh J Lo Hew
Let's look at your tits some!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

MISSING MY EDGE, help me find it again.

my desire to listen to punk.
months maybe.
by dance muSICK. wtf.
me, not dancing anymore.

I'm legit worried.
Always one to go through mad phases with music, I have NEVER neglected my main damie Punkie Rocky in the process of my genre hoppin'.
What is happening to meeeeee?
Lately I've been all over the map spanning the dance-rock-indie-pop-oldies regions, but rarely gravitating towards my used-to-be roots aside from checking out the new Menzingers and blasting Nothington at work yesterday.
My go to when I have nothing else in mind to listen to has been replaced by... *shudder*... musick I can bust. a. move. to. !!!
Sarah + Dancing = Disarahsterdance.
This week it's been Royksopp and Basement Jaxx that I find myself constantly retreating to in times of confusion or boredom.
Both are great fucking bands, don't get me wrong.
But it used to be Rancid, or Strike Anywhere, or Refused, or Strung Out, or Careers In Science, or so on or so on or so on that I would be happy with at any point in time, but alas, (you can't spell alas without ASLAN!... and an N.... uhhhh... the other way around? #fail) that's no longer the case.

Am I finally growing up?
I hope not.
I hope this is just another phase.
An abnormally long one.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.