The Good, The Bad and The Naked.

I just randomly found a list on my computer reminding me of the album reviews I was supposed to do WHO KNOWS WHEN. OOPS.
First on the list is a band called TNG. I almost gave up on doing reviews immediately when I heard them. But then I realized it has been a damn long time since I bashed some shitty band like they were snakes on Whacking Day.

First of all, I really hope TNG doesn't stand for Degrassi: The Next Generation.
However, if it's Star Trek I'll fully accept it and maybe even like the band a sliver. BUT THAT IS IT.
They just rub me the wrong way, like when you wipe your butt to the front and get the poops all over your sexy parts.
It's rock N' roll which I would normally love, but I just can't stand it from them. They sound like they are ripping off every rock n roll band already in existence and doing it poorly without ANY originality.
Except maybe in the nauseous vocals.
There is ONE track that is standable, "Ringing In My Head" is catchy and the voice doesn't make me want to throw up.
But it doesn't make me like them. I just can't. Too many bands have ruined this classic rock throwback for me lately and I"m on my last nerve.
It basically sounds like they're striving for a Guitar Hero game based on their album.
That I may play.
This album, I will not.

Excuse me while I get sidetracked listening to Enema Of The State for a few songs. For some reason this album has come back to haunt me lately, and though I thought I had heard each radio single enough for a lifetime I can't seem to get enough of them these days.

The Wandering Bears are the only other band on the list - TGFSL (thank Gruber for short lists).
Welcome the new obsession of my life. I'm so happy I decided to get some reviewin' done, this album is perfect to listen to today as the sun shines through my door. It's honestly one of the best things I've heard, like, practically ever. It's superb. Every single track appeals to a different part of my pleasure havers. The song "Michael May Dances Like A Man" just tickles the jizz outta my 'gina, it's so fucking catchy and delicious, and random. And the next song "Never Far Away" is just as good but in a different, foot stomping twangy way... and already I'm singing along as if I know it. and know it I will, real soon.
*creepy crazy laugh*
It's hard to pinpoint any one genre to describe their music.. sometimes super folky, sometimes Tegan & Sara sounding, sometimes a less foreign Kate Nash, sometimes hippie era old school, sometimes synthy, sometimes jazzy, sometimes both, sometimes indie sometimes rocky sometimes poppy never poopy.
With Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon influences listed on their FB.
And... there's mandolin.
It's amaz-dolin.
Honestly this band is already among my favourite bands of right this minute. Probably for a lot more minutes after this one.
And for the rest of this gorgeous sunny afternoon I'm making a playlist only consisting of The Wandering Bears, The ACB's and Blessed Feathers. Each of which deserve to be checked out ASAP. (psssst, just click on their names to do so!)

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