2 Bands I've Written About Before... Come Back For More

holy fuck. CMW is next week, and I'm still trying to catch up on reviews from January.
so anyway, sorry to these two bands who I have taken way too long to review (again) and have to put together in one crappy short review, but, I neeeeed to get all this done by next week. Or I'm more fucked than I am already!

My own fault, really.

Anyway both these guys I've reviewed before, so it's no surprise that I like their new shit.

The first is Oh! Polyphony, who I reviewed here, and who are back with a new EP called Coasting. Their sound is almost so soft that I can't hear them on my computer speakers with the volume at full, but I can still pick out those divine harmonies I mentioned the first time around, and they've only grown more transcendent. This EP reminds me, for some odd reason, of the soundtrack to Bambi, that haunting sound pushing winter into the past and making way for spring, and a new beginning, leaving behind all the sorrows of the dark dismal past and opening yourself up for new, wonderful experiences. It's almost too fitting that the track titled "PARTY!!!" is only 9 seconds, otherwise it may have completely thrown off the whole mood... And then there's the Stray Kites cover, which is phenomenal.
Listen to it here.

The second/last/not least band is Caustic Casanova who Chris James Bitch actually reviewed way back here, are back with a full length titled Someday You Will Be Proven Correct. And damn, Chris was/is a great reviewer, I wish he was writing this for you right now because he'd probably do a way better job! So my apologies in advance for not measuring up. In my opinion this new album has taken those 'big shoes' Chris mentioned needed filling, and filled them so tight that they actually stretched them the fuck out, leaving Washington's other band with smaller looking feet than ever before.
Although the vocals aren't my favourite ever, which is probably only because my computer speakers are super shitty so don't quote me on that, the guitar solos make up for it tenfold, and I find myself getting lost rocking out with my head down and my tits up, enjoying every song on this album and still wanting more after 12 songs.

Rock out with your tits out too, here.

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