Bottle Rocket, not staring either of the Wilson brothers, yet still a hit!

If you happen to remember my first review of a band called Bottle Rocket a while back then you deserve a gold star, because to be honest I don't remember writing that AT ALL!
I do remember loving the band though, which is why I'm taking the time to review their second EP The Wolf. The Snake. The Bear. Finally. Only like a month late.
This time around the band has traded some of that drab'ness in for a more motley attitude, though still somehow remaining pococurante in the overall feeling making me as a listener that much more intrigued by this EP.
Are any of you familiar with Guild Wars?
Allow me to nerd out for a second: In the game you can acquire a Bottle Rocket, an item that "creates a visual effect, visible for all players in a district to see and hear. The effect begins as a vertical smoke trail speeding up and away from the character, and then a small "pop" with a visible burst over the characters head." (wiki)
This is kind of the effect I imagine the band having, only invisible, and that little puff of smoke, effortless on behalf of the band, is your mood while listening to this EP... increasing as soon as you hit play and climaxing high above your normal mood plateau as you reach the last song, which is my favourite.

It's definitely worth checking out. HERE.

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