CMW/CMF: C T Z N S H P @ Rancho Relaxo

When good bands do bad covers.

I caught C T Z N S H P at Rancho at some point on Friday of CMW, and I initially liked them a bunch.

Until they whipped out a Kings Of Leon cover.

This is a perfect example of how covering one terrible band can ruin you're entire set.

PLEASE will somebody tell me that this was an inside joke to the band?
PLEASE tell me this wasn't seriously something they did to showcase their talents at Canadian Music Week.
PLEASE let nobody ever cover that stupid band, or even like them, ever again.


Aside from that I have no further opinion about C T Z N S H P.
I wouldn't go out of my way to see them again because of the unsure nature in regards to covering that song. But because they were actually really good up until that point I wouldn't leave if I had to see them again, in fact, I would welcome it in hopes that they would NOT cover that song and I would get a fair chance to judge them for their own music without a cloud of "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" hanging over the stage.

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